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Micro Beauty Shops Are Gaining in Popularity

By November 25, 2022Salon Spa Blog
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Micro beauty shops are the “In” thing in the beauty industry; large beauty shops are a figment of the ancient past, gone the way of the dinosaur.  And, in this article, we will tell you all about micro beauty shops and how you can easily become an owner of a micro business.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metroplex with twenty-two salon suite rental agency locations. Call us at 972-691-7300 for more information on how you can become a beauty shop owner in the Fort Worth area.

Now, a word, or several, about micro beauty shops.

What are micro beauty shops?

Most micro beauty shops are single-person businesses, and the vast majority operate out of a single room, known as a salon suite, which is located in a building which houses other single-person salons related to the beauty industry.  In such a building, like one of our Salon and Spa Galleria locations, you might have a hair salon, a microblading salon, a nail specialist salon, a massage spa, and any other micro businesses related to beauty.

Each of the luxury salon suites contains a business, the business is owned by the salon operator, and that operator rents the salon suite.

It’s as simple as that, small business owners making a very good income, operating their own businesses which is, by the way, the wave of the future in the business world, the movement towards smaller businesses owned by one or two people.  They are manageable because the costs can be kept down, and they provide a much better income than the traditional situation in a traditional beauty shop with six or seven beauticians working side-by-side.

What do micro beauty shops cost?

You might be pleasantly surprised by the costs associated with micro beauty shops.  Take our own Salon & Spa Galleria for an example.  Our salon suites begin at a low $50 per week, as of the writing of this article in November, 2022.  Read that again.  You rent a retail location for as low as $200 per month.  Included in that rental price are your utilities, WiFi, a free HDTV, laundry facilities, your own web page on our website, workshops in marketing and business ownership, and the full weight of the Salon & Spa Galleria name behind you.

Your out-of-pocket costs include the cost of a business license, any costs you incur decorating your business, and the cost of any product you plan on selling from your micro beauty shop.

As you can see, very affordable!  What are the costs at other agencies across the country? We can’t answer that, but we do know our cost package is the lowest in our area, so low that it should be an enticement for out-of-town beautician experts to move to Fort Worth and take advantage of this great opportunity.

Can you succeed in a small hair salon on your own?

If you are a hard-worker, a self-starter, and a talented beautician, the answer is a resounding YES, you can make it in micro beauty shops.  In fact, you can do quite well.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria

There’s not much more to say about Salon & Spa Galleria we haven’t already said. We are locally owned and operated, and our business model is wildly successful in the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us for more details and to arrange for a tour of one of our facilities.  Our micro beauty shops are industry leaders in this area.