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Nail Salon Suite Owner Tips To Keep Clients

By February 6, 2020Blog

As a nail salon suite owner, you often know what clients will like and why they will continue to make repeated appointments. No matter how long you are in the business.   If you don’t have clients to booked solid for weeks in advance, you will want to do doing a periodic refresher on what clients are saying and the reason why they stay loyal book that next appointment.  Read on to see some tips clients are saying that will help keep you on top of client retention:

  1. When Life Changes Clients Want a Salon Suite Owner To Understand.

Aging happens, hair, nails, and skin needs are ever-changing, so should product recommendations. A nail artist or stylist understands a client’s personal needs. Right down to not using color for either their hair or nails, if they style dictates otherwise. Esthetician suite owners maintain current knowledge of new procedures and skincare. They will ask questions that a dermatologist would ask to determine and evaluate my current needs. Based on a client’s answer, they will know exactly what to do or recommend products for my lifestyle needs.

  1. Provides The Above / Beyond Service and Life Hack Advice.

Clients always like the unexpected thing that makes you different.  Like, a nail booth rental owner providing that little going out of the way thing. Giveaways, like little sample packs of products and doing a personable thing that adds value to the service.  Not double booking clients is a gesture that a very much appreciated service. The hairstylist providing a life hack of hair care in a pinch or a massage therapist life hack might be how to relieve muscle soreness after a workout are great examples of the above and beyond service.

  1. Offering The At Home How To’s With The Product.

A beauty salon suite owner understanding that great hair is key to a client with time management being a beneficial factor.  Clients prefer their beauty service provider to provide things that make them at home life simpler.  Either thru a styling product; hand lotion or cuticle oil; or even hardware (nail file, curling iron, rollers, lash curler).  Provide products and instructions on maintaining and using everything at home.  Clients will make it a practice to never leave the salon suite rental space without all the information and products then need to recreate their experience.  Remember you are the expert and clients love to learn from you.

  1. Client Service follow-ups and reach outs.

As salon and suites business owner your follow up is paramount. Sending a client text a couple of days after the service to see how the products are working will build and strengthen the rapport with them. You will be a message meaning/showing you really care about them as a client and that you believe in the products you are selling.  As an owner, don’t forget to provide an exchange or refund policy should a client, not like any product or device.  As the owner makes every opportunity count todo the reach outcall and asks for the appointment, especially if the client has the crazy schedule and won’t be able to do a pre-book.  This is a great way to offer a reminder of it’s time to take care of themselves.

  1. Amenities of the salon suite waiting options.

Clients like to part take in feeding the personal guilty pleasures. So the offering of wine, coffee, tea, and magazines during their spa visit is all part of the salon experiences, and they love it.

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