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Natural Beauty Skin Studio Opens at Salon & Spa Galleria Benbrook

By September 19, 2022Press Releases
Natural Beauty Skin Studio opens in Benbrook

Fort Worth, Texas – September 15, 2022 – How many girls or boys, when they were growing up, have ever looked in the mirror and felt their spirit nosedive at the discovery of a new zit? Or cringed at a latest and even more noticeable outbreak of acne pimples? Or just in general, have bemoaned – possibly uttered a silent prayer at bedtime – for better skin?


Hailie Malone, chief skin clinician and proprietor at the Natural Beauty Skin Studio at Salon & Spa Galleria Benbrook, looks back with a smile at how she was a survivor of such adolescent skin angst.


“I got into the skincare business,” relates Hailie, “because I’ve always struggled with skin issues, including sensitive skin and acne – in that regard, I was what you’d called your average teenager. When it comes to skin, what a yucky time, y’know? So, I grew up wanting to do everything I can to help other people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.”

Today, this operator of her own thriving health and wellness salon has taken her girlhood experience in the small mountain town in Colorado where she grew up, seasoned it with specialized training at the Designing Beauty Academy in Windsor, CO, and is now delighted to find herself two years into the industry and running her own salon.


“I’ve already developed a pretty cool reputation around Benbrook, probably around the whole greater Fort Worth area, for my facials, my dermaplaning, and my microdermabrasion. I’d say those are the three most important services I provide to my clients – and love doing them.”

The secret of Hailie’s success?


“The skincare products that I use are all organic, made with real and raw ingredients that give the best results for all skin types without using any harsh chemicals or preservatives,” she says.


And Hailie Malone practices what she preaches about skin care to such a degree that the Natural Beauty Skin Studio also sells The Body Deli skin care products that she uses in her treatments.

With a special promotion presently being offered to new clients: $15 off your first skin care service excluding waxing services.

So when you book your first appointment and enjoy the company of Hailie Malone at the Natural Beauty Skin Studio, don’t be surprised if she’s waxing enthusiastic, so to speak, on how things have turned out.


“I like that the location of the salon is in a beautiful, growing area on the outside of Fort Worth with a lot of opportunity.”


Now it’s your opportunity to book and feel renewed.


About Natural Beauty Skin Studio

Natural Beauty Skin Studio is owned and operated by skincare expert Hailie Malone, a graduate of Designing Beauty Academy. She is building a strong following in Benbrook and Fort Worth for her facials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, waxing and microdermabrasion services. She works by appointment only. Call, text, or book online for appointment. Phone: (970) 640-7905. IG: NaturalBeautySkinStudio.


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