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One Person Hair Salons Thriving In North Richland Hills

By August 17, 2022Salon Spa Blog
owning a microblading salon

One person hair salons are the latest trend across the United States, and they are thriving in North Richland Hills. Having said that, we are going to tell you why one-person hair salons are thriving, and why North Richland Hills, Texas, is a fertile bed of commercial activity for anyone looking to start their own one-person beauty salon.

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Why one-person hair salons?

We all grew up with the business model of neighborhood hair salons.  A shiny building, the name above the door or in the window, and inside a long row of stations where a dedicated team of beauticians worked on customers.  Oftentimes, the owner was sitting in the back office, doing bookwork, and occasionally that owner would come out and talk to the customers, or to check on the day’s proceeds.  Some customers would know the owner, but generally-speaking, the customers knew the individual beautician who cut their hair, knew them by name, even knew some personal details like if the beautician was married or had children.  A bond was formed, over the years, between beautician and customer, and that was the backbone of the beauty salon, and the reason for its success.

Unfortunately, in this scenario, the individual beauticians were working for commissions, only making about 40%, and the owner was keeping 60% of every customer dollar earned during the day.  Great deal for the owner, not-so-great deal for the individual hair styling professionals who were actually doing the work.

That all changed, in a big way, about ten years ago.  A new trend swept across the industry, talented hair stylists renting a salon suite from a salon studio rental agency, and opening up shop in their own one-person hair salon.  It turned out to be a wildly-successful business model. The talented hair stylists, the ones actually doing the work, could keep 100% of their profits, and could control their own financial destiny, and that trend is just as popular today, with those old neighborhood beauty salons of yesteryear falling by the wayside.

Why North Richland Hills for hair salons?

North Richland Hills is a thriving community in the Greater Fort Worth area, with great schools, a great standard of living, solid employment statistics, all economic indicators pointing to a community on the rise . . . the perfect place for a one-person hair salon . . . the perfect place for talented hair stylists to own their own business and control their own destinies.

Why Salon & Spa Galleria?

And Salon & Spa Galleria is right there to help those professional hair stylists to capture their dreams, with three Salon and Spa Galleria locations in North Richland Hills:

  • 7720 Rufe Snow Drive
  • 8204 Bedford Euless Road
  • 8025 Glenview Road

And any of them will offer you the same outstanding luxury salon suites from which you can run a successful one-person hair salon.

Call us today!  Come see one of our North Richland Hills locations.  It is time to say goodbye to the past, to the antiquated way of doing business, and embrace a new day where you reap the benefits of your talent and hard-work.