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Opening A Hair Salon Can Be Pricey Unless You Do It This Way

By January 6, 2023Salon Spa Blog
Be a beauty salon owner and not a hair salon employee

Anyone who has ever dreamed of opening a hair salon, of being a beauty salon owner, already knows just how expensive that dream can be.  In fact, that start-up costs for opening a beauty salon of any kind are enough to prevent some very talented beauticians from ever trying.

Discouraging? Yes!  But there is one way, our way, of owning your own hair salon and not going broke in the process, and it is that way we will tell you about in this article. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, with twenty-two salon suite rental agencies in the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us at 972-691-7300 for more information which could change your life for the better, and which could make that dream of yours come true.

The cost of owning a hair salon the traditional way

Without breaking it down to specific amounts, we can get a general idea of the cost of owning a hair salon in the traditional way.  You will be looking, at the very least, at these start-up costs:

  • The cost of a retail location rental (first and last month’s rent, plus damage deposit, approximately $6000 to open the doors)
  • The cost of signage (at least $1000, probably more)
  • Utilities hookup plus WiFi ($500-$1000)
  • Furniture rental or purchase (several hundred per month or $2000+ for purchase)
  • Insurance (several hundred per month for full liability

Add it all up, and a conservative estimate would be $10,000, most likely more, to open your place of business, and therein lies the reason why many talented beauticians never consider owning their own beauty salon.  They can’t now, nor will they ever, afford to do it.

The cost of owning a hair salon the Salon & Spa Galleria way

Before we tell you what it would cost doing it our way, know that the figures we are about to mention are based upon several years of data, at multiple agency sites, so they can be counted on as the norm using the Salon & Spa Galleria approach:

  • Luxury salon suites rental (starting at $50-$75 per week, depending upon location
  • No utilities
  • No WiFi cost
  • Furniture supplied if needed
  • Signage (your name stenciled on the front door of your salon suite ($100)
  • Insurance
  • Business license ($75-$125)

Grand total of start-up expense, the Salon & Spa Galleria way . . . $500 or less!

Suddenly, that dream of yours does not seem so far-fetched, or impossible, does it?

Which leaves us with these questions

Of course, owning and operating a business is more than just renting a location and paying for utilities. In order for that business to be successful, the owner/operator must be a hard worker, a self-starter, and a determined, ambitious, success-hungry individual.

Do you have those traits?  If so, we say to you there is no reason why you cannot succeed as a business owner using the Salon & Spa Galleria business model.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria

Call us today! With twenty-two locations, we definitely have a salon suite, or salon booth, or salon studio, with your name on it.  We are locally owned and operated, and we are standing by ready to help you make that dream of yours come true.