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Own a Fort Worth Microblading Business with Very Little Start-Up Money

By October 26, 2023Salon Spa Blog
Fort Worth microblading business

It cost a lot of money to open and own a microblading business in Fort Worth, correct?

Wrong!  And in this article we will tell you why that assumption is as wrong as wrong can be.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, leading the way in Fort Worth with twenty-three salon suite rental location.  Call us at 817-917-1416 for more information.  First, though, let’s break this down to dollars and cents about a microblading spa with your name on it.

Traditional microblading ownership cost.

The cost of Fort Worth retail space, for purchase or for rental, would make a strong person weep.  Do you want to purchase a prime retail location?  The cost will be in the neighborhood of a million dollars, and that might be a low estimate.

But what about leasing a retail store?  First and last month’s rent, plus damage deposit, let’s conservatively estimate you will need $10,000 and again, that might be a low estimate.

Plain and simple truth: Most people do not have $10,000, or a million, sitting in their savings account and, thus, only the top, say, five percent of people, maybe the top ten percent, can afford to own a microblading business, or a hair salon, or a beauty salon.

The average worker bee, in that scenario, will never own the hive.

Our microblading ownership model.

Just for fun, let’s shrink this whole ownership scenario down to a one-person microblading salon.  Instead of purchasing a retail location, and instead of leasing a large retail space, let’s talk about leasing a single salon suite, room enough for one microblading pro to work in.  Now we are talking doable for the average person, because at Salon & Spa Galleria, our salon suites start at $75 per week ($300 per month), and we absolutely guarantee that most talented people in the microblading industry can afford that low, low rental cost.

Profits by the numbers.

Let’s break it all down for you.  Let’s say a typical microblading session costs, industry average, about $400.  Let’s say you, the sole proprietor, see five customers in an average day, giving you a gross profit of $2000 per day and $10,000 per week.

Let’s also say that most of your overhead expenses are included in that $75 per week rental price i.e. utilities, WiFi, web page, laundry, and that your only expenses are insurance, the cost of goods sold, and any decorations/miscellaneous expenses you may have.  This means that you are making, net profit, in the neighborhood of $8,000 per week, which computes to over $400,000 per year.

Please note, we are talking about averages and potential.  You may not have five customers per day.  What does not change in the scenario above is the potential for outstanding profits using this business model, and those profits will begin the very first week of ownership.

No, this is not a franchise.  You keep 100% of the profits you make.  All we do is provide you with an affordable space from which to make those profits.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated, just Texans lending a helping hand to other Texans.  If you are in the Fort Worth area, give us a call.  If you do not live in Fort Worth, this might be the incentive you need to move here, in which case, give us a call!