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Owning a Hair Salon for the First Time: Our Top Five Tips

By November 22, 2023Salon Spa Blog
Why rent a salon suite? Salon & Spa Galleria has the top three reasons.

We have a ton of experience when it comes to owning a hair salon, or any sort of beauty salon, and that experience leads to this compilation of five tips, or words of advice, for those considering owning a hair salon.

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Owning a hair salon Tip #1

Our first tip may seem counterintuitive, because in the U.S. we are all advised to think big, but our first tip is to start small and work your way into success.  Taking on too much, too soon, when you are still learning how to own and manage a business, is a recipe for disaster.  We have seen our share of starry-eyed new business owners who bit off more than they could chew early on, and it did not end well for their dreams.  Start small as in a one-person business, or at most you and one other employee.  There will be more than enough time to add employees and move into a larger salon once you learn the ropes and can operate confidently.

Owning a hair salon Tip #2

Watch your expenditures closely the first few months and do not overspend.  Trust us when we tell you that you do not need everything you think you need when you first open a business.  Big dreams should not lead to big spending for any first-time owner of a business, and overspending is your enemy.  Having some money tucked away for a rainy day is always preferable to having no backup funds once the storm arrives.

Tips 3-5

Tip #3: Learn everything you can learn about social media marketing.  The name of the marketing game for small business owners with limited funds is social media and Search Engine Optimization. Word of mouth advertising is free, and word of mouth spreads quickly over social media.  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, these sites are your best friends when you are starting out as a business owner. Learn how to use those sites to your advantage.

Tip #4: Become active in your business community.  Attend Chamber of Commerce meetings.  Attend City Council meetings. Attend charity events.  Introduce yourself, shake hands, pass out business cards. This may not be something you are comfortable with, but it will net positive results over the long run.

Tip #5: Learn your craft and become the best hair stylist, nail stylist, microblading tech in your city.  The absolute best business advice we can give to anyone is to provide the best service possible to customers.  They, in turn, will go out of their way to inform others of your service, and all of that informing is free advertising.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated. Our luxury salon suites start at $75 per week, and that includes a host of free amenities like free utilities, free WiFi, and a free webpage. Call us and arrange for a tour of our salon suites.