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Owning A Hair Salon in Fort Worth: Can You Afford It?

By March 1, 2023Salon Spa Blog
affordable luxury salon suites

If we had a dollar for every talented beautician who wishes they owned a hair salon, but didn’t think they could afford to do it, we would be millionaires.

That might be stretching the truth a bit, but not by much. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, and we have a hair salon location, for you, at a price you can afford. Interested? Read on and then call us at 817-917-1416 for more information.

Can you afford a traditional hair salon?

Traditional hair salon?  You know what that is, right? It’s the same business model which has ruled the hair salon industry since 1900.  You have a salon owner, and that salon owner has multiple “employees,” who are really independent contractors, and those people, the ones who actually interact with the public and apply their skills, work for commissions, usually in the 40% range.  If you have walked into a beauty salon, or even a barbershop, in the last one-hundred years, you most likely walked into this type of traditional hair salon.

Can you afford one of those?  If you are lower income, say low middle class, probably middle class, the answer is no.  If you rented a good retail location, you would need first and last months rent, plus damage deposit.  You would need liability insurance, signage, furniture, and marketing.  Chances are, before you even opened the front door for business, you will have sunk $10,000 into the business, and few people have that kind of green sitting in the bank.

But we have a better way, so read on!

Can you afford a hair salon with Salon & Spa Galleria?

At Salon & Spa Galleria, at any of our twenty-two Fort Worth area locations, you can rent luxury salon suites for as low as $75 per week.  Is that a franchise fee? No, you are not a part of the Salon & Spa Galleria team, per se; you are simply renting a retail suite from us.  It is your business. You are 100% the owner of the business, but you will have your business name on our directory in the Salon and Spa Galleria location of your choosing.

But that’s not all, despite the fact that $75 per week is an unheard-of salon suite rental price. For that price, we include utilities, WiFi, a free HDTV, furniture if needed, laundry facilities, a free HDTV, and a web page, to name just a partial list.

Can you say “financial bonanza?”

What would you do with more money in the bank?

Think about it for a moment. Work for someone else, for 40% commissions, or work for yourself with 100% of the profits going to you.

What could you do with more money? What would you do? Does it sound like something you would be interested in?

If so, call us! To our way of thinking, even if you don’t live in the Fort Worth area, this opportunity is worth the move to Fort Worth.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated, with twenty-two locations in the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us today, tomorrow, soon, and start taking steps towards financial independence.