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Painting Colors The Salon Suite Way

By October 8, 2020Blog

Being part of something meaningful, is not as hard as you think, lease a salon suite and find out what family is all about.

Hairstylists, nail technicians, and salon suite owners have something in common. They all can paint colors to express their creativity.   Each paints with techniques that are different though painting with a brush is what they have in common.

Take the hairstylist for the first one. They specialize in painted highlights using various hair coloring techniques. They are customized to each client’s lifestyle and hair type. Let’s explore some of the methods that produce beautiful natural hair painted highlights.

Balayage The Salon Suites Way

The balayage creative hair painting technique is known to create a sun-kissed look with natural and soft regrowth lines.  The hair painting stylist takes their time to paint custom color and tones around the haircut. Their skills in creating accent pieces for the face and flow of the hair is painting perfection. The hairstylist painter knows and understands that no one’s hair lifts or is textured the same. They create a color process specific to the client’s hair and type. This unique technique of hair painting effect leaves the roots area in a deeper shadow while the lightening accents are heavier towards the face and ends. Balayage effect gives the appearance of sitting in the sun all year and skin a glow. Salon Suites professionals recommend that every 10-12 weeks touch-

Upon a full balayage with a partial and half. And a full twice a year. Balayage will maintain the healthy natural effect of the hair.

The Salon Studio Foilyage Way

The foilyage, like the sister technique of hair painting it is known to create the optimum hair lift. Its unique use of foil helps brunettes and clients who want that super blonde effect.  This hair painting technique creates optimum vibrant strands of color, for the brunette looking for something more and someone wanting the drastic blonde balayage effect. The color process looks better as it grows out.  The foil keeps the color product moist, giving it much more lift then the open-air balayage. The techniques effect keeps hair looking natural while providing that brightness on the darker hair client.  Growing out beautifully and complimenting the busy lifestyle, this is the hair painting service for you. Touchup is between 8-10 weeks.

The Hair Salon Show Stealer –

Babylights delicate and very thin highlights create the multidimensional tones. This hair painting effect is good on any hair color. For the dramatic and supernatural results of babylights to happen, the stylist must leave a super fine amount of hair left between each foil. This technique allows the grow-out process zero to almost no lines of demarcation. Babylights are one of the most labor-intensive, time-consuming hair painting services. Although it will be time well spent since the results are fabulous! Hair painting professionals recommend a 6-10 week touched for a full head.

We at Salon and Spa Galleria believe that true beauty begins with salon leasing. We are giving beauty professionals the ability to succeed with their creativity without the hassle of a big salon stifling.

Contact us for more information about an exciting opportunity to own your salon suite.  We have a motto “your success is our business.”  We enjoy making dreams of business independence come true.

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