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Salon and Spa Galleria Offers Three North Richland Hills Locations

By June 3, 2022Blog
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Coming soon to North Richland Hills, the Salon and Spa Galleria newest location at 8025 Glenview Drive.  When we open the doors to that salon suites agency, we will have three in North Richland Hills. The newest will join the Rufe Snow/Keller agency at 7720 Rufe Snow Drive, and the Bedford Euless agency at 8204 Bedford Euless Drive.  Call 817-823-7105 for leasing information.

What will you find at these three salon suite rental locations?

No matter which of our twenty Salon and Spa Galleria locations you visit, you will find the same outstanding opportunity.  Luxury salon suites starting as low as $75 per week, a price which is so low we actually have potential clients asking us if it’s a misprint.

At all three North Richland Hills locations, you will find an outstanding staff which has two primary responsibilities: to greet customers with respect, and to do everything in their power to make sure our clients succeed in business.  It’s really as simple as that; if you succeed, you will continue to rent a salon booth rental from us, and if you continue to do that, we succeed as well.

Your relationship with the Salon & Spa Galleria staff does not end when you sign your rental contract; it is just beginning.  We provide the support you need to succeed, and we provide the friendship you need so you don’t feel alone in the business world.  Our experience plus your talent will equal success, and that’s like betting on a 2-1 favorite in a two-hors race. It’s almost a sure thing.

How quickly can you open for business at Salon and Spa Galleria?

Here’s what happens when you sign a rental contract at Salon & Spa Galleria.  We give you the keys to your suite rental, and you begin decorating it.  If you need any furniture, we provide it.  You secure insurance for your business, and you iron out any last-minute details.  You begin announcing to the online world that you are about to open your business

The whole process of getting ready to open the doors to your new business will only take a few days if you hustle. We have had clients open for business within a week of signing their rental contract.  Most take a couple weeks.

Think about it: going from working for someone else, to owning your own business, in a week’s time.

What about overhead expenses? They can kill a business, right?

Yes, overhead can kill a small business. That is why at Salon & Spa Galleria, practically all of your overhead is included in the low rental price. We are talking utilities. We are talking WiFi, an HDTV, laundry facilities, security monitoring, a press release, and your own web page.  The only real overhead you will need to cover are your monthly insurance payments, and the cost of any product you plan on selling from your business.

We make it very hard for you to fail at Salon & Spa Galleria salon studio.

A final word about Salon and Spa Galleria

The newest Salon & Spa Galleria, on Glenview Drive, will be just like the other two in North Richland Hills, and they are just like the other seventeen Salon & Spa Galleria agencies sprinkled around the Fort Worth Metro area.  We are locally owned and operated, we are dedicated to your success, and the entire power of the Salon & Spa Galleria business model is your foundation. Call us today and say hello to SUCCESS!