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Salon Chair Rental Ridgemar

By April 6, 2022Salon Suites
owning a microblading salon

It is quite easy to find a salon chair rental in the Ridgemar area. There are quite a few established beauty shops in that area, places which will be happy to pay you 40% commission for your many talents.  But, if working for 40% commission is not enough for a person with your expertise, might we suggest you pick up the phone and call our Salon and Spa Galleria Mall Circle at 817-823-7105.  If you do make that call, we promise you will change your financial future in ways you only dreamed about in the past.

Here’s that number again: 817-823-7105.  Our newest Salon & Spa Galleria location can be found at 2400 Mall Circle, #100, serving the following areas:

  • Ridgemar area
  • Ridglea
  • West Fort Worth
  • Westover Hills
  • Arlington Heights
  • Como

Outstanding location for a salon suite rental

As far as business locations go, 2400 Mall Circle is about as good as it gets.  Drive-by traffic is outstanding; walk-in traffic is outstanding; we are in a retail haven, surrounded by successful retail businesses, the go-to area for shoppers and errand-runners, with ample parking for all.  And what we have that all the other salon chair rental agencies don’t have is name recognition.  We currently have seventeen Salon & Spa Galleria locations, with more in the planning stage, and our name means professional quality unmatched by any other rental agency.  Customers know that; they have come to expect the best in salon treatment at Salon & Spa Galleria, and that is nothing but good news for you as you begin your business adventure.

Our name draws them in, and your talent keeps them here!  It is a perfect partnership.

Salon & Spa Galleria makes an offer you can’t refuse

Salon chair rentals and booth rental opportunities beginning at $75 per week, which by itself is an offer you will not find bested anywhere in the Fort Worth area, but add to that the fact that $75 per week also pays for the following:

  • Utilities
  • Press release
  • Web page
  • Laundry facilities
  • WiFi
  • HDTV
  • Furniture if you need it
  • Security monitoring
  • Marketing support and training
  • Business support and training

In other words, we make it very hard to fail at Salon and Spa Galleria Mall Circle.

Become part of our Salon & Spa Galleria family

We are going to let one of our clients, Amy, lead off this section about our professional family:

“I lease a space in Haltom City, and the owners are so kind and caring. They give every stylist a gift of appreciation each month with the newsletter. They didn’t charge us rent the whole time we have been shut down because of covid 19, and they are giving us a free week coming back to work. They truly care about us and I’m thankful to be a part of Salon and Spa Galleria.”

And, if you are still skeptical, we invite you to talk to any of our current clients at any of our seventeen locations.  We are confident they will echo Amy’s words. At Salon & Spa Galleria, you really are a member of our large, successful family, and we firmly believe that family takes care of family.

You have our number.  You have our address. Call us, come visit us, and sign up with us. We have a salon chair rental or salon suite with your name on it.