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Salon Studio Marketing Tips for 2020 and Beyond

By October 25, 2019Salon Suite Marketing
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You are the proud owner of a salon stylist business, and you are renting a salon studio.  You have a solid core of customers, you are meeting expenses and actually making a little profit.  Now you want to take it to the next level and knock the ball out of the park.

These salon studio marketing tips will help you to hold onto your existing customers while adding to your customer base, and they are all inexpensive to do.  For more information in salon suite marketing tips, we invite you to continue reading tips presented on our website, and call Salon & Spa Galleria at (817) 823-7105.

Encourage reviews with rewards

One of the greatest advertising tools any company can have is word of mouth. Word of mouth advertising costs you absolutely nothing, and it reaps benefits for months and years to come.

Marketing your salon suite does not have to be costly.

One way to achieve “free advertising” is to encourage your existing customers to write a good review for you on your website.  You can do this by offering ten percent off of their next hair styling session.  People read reviews online; for very little in the way of cost, you can increase your positive reviews and thus increase business.

Send e-mails and newsletter

You have a customer list.  Put it to work for you. Send out a weekly or monthly e-mail and/or newsletter. This email/ newsletter can be filled with helpful beauty tips.  Your customers will be appreciative and they will most likely tell their friends about your salon booth business.

Happy Birthday to you!

Show your existing customers that you care.  Sending a Happy Birthday email to them will be a small but meaningful gesture. Trust us, they will remember, and they will most likely tell others about your gesture.  You not only will hold onto an existing customer but you will gain word-of-mouth advertising.  You can take it a step further and offer a discount for their next salon suite visit.

Customer Loyalty Program

You see them in many businesses now . . . customer loyalty programs!  It goes like this: nine visits to your hair salon suite and you get the tenth visit for free, or the tenth visit for half-off.  Yes, you are giving away your service for free, but the goodwill which is generated by this program is invaluable.

Donate services

Keep your eyes open for fundraising events like a school trying to raise money for a new gymnasium. Oftentimes they will have auctions or raffles.  Donate your services for the cause.  Of course you are giving something away and of course that is an expense, but you will most likely gain a new customer in the process.  Look at it this way: you gain twenty future sessions by giving away one.

That’s not a bad deal at all!

We strongly encourage you to try some or all of these marketing tips in 2020 and beyond.  Keep checking back to our Salon and Spa Galleria website for more marketing tips throughout the year.  We are here to help in any way we can.