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Salon Suite Poll of the Day

By July 16, 2020Salon Spa Blog

Becoming a salon suite owner is the summit of freedom and success for most nail technicians today.  Nail professionals finally have the opportunity to own their own nail salon business, with no crazy overhead cost accompanying with opening a traditional salon location.

Which Will Be The One Will You Pick, Gel Nails or Acrylic Nails?

If anxiety is the feeling you get when it comes to your nails then let us provide a clear perception regarding the differences.   Both gel nails and acrylic nails are a variety of nail extensions.  They only differ with characteristics to look, materials, the application process, safety, cost, and the removal of the nails.  Either of the nails can be designed for your nails. Learning the basic knowledge will help you decide on which nail extension to choose.

The Differences between Acrylic & Gel Nails

You will want to find an incredible nail technician that provides the long-desired nail design in both gel and acrylic nails.  Any damages that a client would face occur due to the wrong technique of the nail artist.  Locating a nail salon suite owner that is educated and up-to-date on current practices of gel and acrylic nails is very important.

Now suppose the nail salon booth is good, what will you choose?  Gel nails or acrylic nails – confidence in the following differences between the acrylic and the gel nails will help you make a choice.

The Pros And Cons Difference On Gel Nails vs. Acrylic Nails From The Nail Booth Rental Owner

Acrylic nails are the most requested version of nail extensions. Acrylic nails are a blend of a liquid and powder polymer applied to the natural nail producing a hard and robust shell coat.  The application is a simple process consisting of a bit of pre-processing and the liquid and powder mixed and applied to the nail beds. Acrylic nails are dry at room temperature and do not need extra heat.  Once the acrylic gets hard it will create a perfect opus to paint your nails.  Acrylic nails offer the option to be refillable after the two weeks of nail growth.

The jelly-like sticky substance that is applied by painting in on the nail bed and cured under UV/LED light is known as the gel nails.  The polymer of the gel nail is a complicated chemical compound of resin.  Gel nails require a 3 step process, base coat, nail polish, and then the nail tech will apply the desired nail polish and design.  The tricky part of the process for gel nail extensions is the UV light. A UV light is used to cure the liquid polymer producing a natural high glossy look.  The glossy look and the safer chemicals make the gel nail extensions cost a bit more.  The longer life and the inability to be refillable are two considerations for the gel nails.

The visual look between the gel nail and acrylic nail is also different.  Gel nails have that natural and glossy look without the weight of the polymer on the nails.  Since the polymer is applied directly to the nail, it’s hard to distinguish between the gel nail extension and the natural nail.  Acrylic nails are the shine lovers’ nail of choice.  The polymer is applied to the natural nails adding a bit of weight that requires a bit of getting use too.  The choice of either nail will come down to the pros and cons and nail health concerns.

The nail technicians wanting to start a business look to a salon suite rental.  Salon and Spa Galleria offer nine luxury locations in high traffic areas.  Contact either of our salon managers at 817-823-7105 or 817-917-1416 to book a tour and select the suite of your choice.