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Salon Suite Rentals More Robust Partly Because of Covid 19

By November 10, 2020Press Releases
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Fort Worth-Based Salon and Spa Galleria Opens New Locations to Keep Pace with Demand for Salon Suite Leasing.

Fort Worth, Texas – October 29, 2020 – Even though beauty salons have reopened across Texas, clients have found the experience is different. Beauty professionals are masked up, many deliberately space appointments further apart to allow for social distancing and beauty salon waiting areas now feature hand sanitizer stations rather than glossy magazines.


“For a while now, the trend in the beauty industry has been away from the traditional beauty shops with employees and toward chair rental or salon suite rental because it’s hard to make a decent living in a hair salon splitting commissions or receiving an hourly wage,” said Salon and Spa Galleria Marking Manager Brook Farquhar.


“The salon suite rental trend has been accelerated by Covid 19, driven both by the preferences of beauty professionals and the fear of Covid among salon clients,” added Farquhar.


“Many of the new salon suite lease clients we are getting at Salon and Spa Galleria are coming from larger salons where they were working at stations close together, sharing wash basins and dealing with a sometimes crowded waiting area,” said Farquhar.


“Coming from that environment, a lot of beauty pros like the idea of renting their own private salon suite and having control over their book and the spacing of appointments,” added Farquhar.


“The other factor at work is public preference,” said Farquhar. “A lot of people want to come to private salon suites where just one professional works and keeps everything sanitized,” insisted Farquhar.


Salon and Spa Galleria, a fast-growing salon suite rental chain based in Fort Worth, has rapidly expanded to meet market demand for salon suites. “We just opened a new Salon and Spa Galleria Lake Worth on Boat Club Road are about to open our 12th Salon and Spa Galleria in Weatherford, TX,” said Salon Manager Jennifer Knittel.


“It takes courage to become an independent beauty professional, but we have found that, despite Covid, many ambitious salon pros are eager for the chance to build a business of their own and to have more control over their workspace and their work lives,” added Knittel.



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