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Salon Suites for Rent Hurst

By December 2, 2020Salon Suites
what does it take to own a hair salon? what skills do you need?

There’s never been a better time to search for salon suites for rent in Hurst.  That may seem like a strange statement, this being 2020, with the economy suffering and businesses disappearing, but we firmly believe this to be the perfect time for someone to go into business for themselves in the beauty industry, and we know exactly how you can succeed.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, and our salon suites at 8204 Bedford Euless Road in North Richland Hills has what you need in affordable salon suites for rent. Call our leasing agent at (817) 823-7105 for more details and to arrange for a tour of our Salon and Spa Bedford Euless Rd location.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why we believe the Era of the Pandemic is a good time to strike out on your own if you are a beautician.

Is a salon suite rental Hurst affordable?

The first objection we hear from potential clients is that they are worried they can’t afford to go into business.  Most of them are just getting by working in beauty salons owned by someone else. How can they ever afford the rental fee and the overhead expenses of their own business?

What if we told you we could put you into a North Richland Hills booth rental for as little as $50 per week?  Would you be interested then?  What if we told you that, included in that low, low rental fee, is most of your overhead? We pay your utilities. We pay for your WiFi.  We pay for a personal web page on our website. We pay for a press release, security monitoring, an HDTV, and marketing workshops for you.  All you have to pay for is your business license, business cards, the cost of decorating your salon suite, and any product you wish to sell.  On average, most of our new clients spend around $500 to get up and running in their own business through Salon & Spa Galleria.

Now what do you think about affordability?

Are there enough customers to draw from in the Hurst area?

This is another concern of our future clients. They worry that there isn’t a suitable customer base in the Hurst area for their specialty.  And we would say, to that, that our Hurst location draws customers from the following cities:

  • Hurst
  • North Richland Hills
  • Colleyville
  • Bedford
  • Euless
  • And even Irving

And that totals approximately 150,000 potential customers.

Lack of knowledge in marketing

And then we hear potential clients say they know nothing about marketing and running a business, and we tell them they have the full weight and power of the Salon & Spa Galleria name behind them, the fastest-growing salon rental company in Tarrant County. We tell them we offer free marketing workshops. We tell them they are piggybacking upon the #1 name in the beauty salon suite rental industry, that our name is synonymous with great service, and we assure them that hard work, determination, and a desire to succeed will overcome stage fright each and every time.

Call us today!  We can help you to succeed, pandemic or no pandemic.