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Salon Suites for Rent Ridgemar

By April 21, 2022Salon Suites
owning a microblading salon

Take this statement to the bank: the absolute best salon suites for rent in the Ridgemar area can be found at the brand new Salon and Spa Galleria Mall Circle, located at 2400 Mall Circle, #100.

Having made that bold statement, we now must convince you of that fact which is, in fact, what this article is all about.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, with seventeen convenient locations in the Fort Worth Metro area. Call us at 972-691-7300, or 817-823-7105 for more information.

So, why Salon & Spa Galleria for salon suites for rent?

What makes the best of anything?  What criteria are used in determining the best?  It seems like such a subjective declaration, everyone having their own opinion, right?  However, in this case, declaring Salon & Spa Galleria to be the best salon suites rental agency in Fort Worth is an easy claim to support.

It begins with the fact that we have seventeen locations with more in the planning stage.  Two years ago we had ten.  That kind of rapid growth screams success, does it not.  Obviously, we would not have expanded so quickly if we did not have the track record to support it, especially during the COVID years when the economy was in flux and so many businesses were closing their doors.  None of our other competitors showed that kind of growth. Some of them barely hung on to stay in business.

And then we have to talk about the salon rental package we offer.  Ignore, for a fact, our low, low price of $75 per week in select locations, and concentrate on the total package. Concentrate on the free utilities, the free WiFi, the free HDTV, the free press release, web page, laundry facility, break room, 24/7 access, and security monitoring.  Concentrate on the fact that you can, literally, open your doors for business, in one of our booth rental options, or salon suite rentals, in a matter of a week or two.  We make it that easy for you at Salon & Spa Galleria.

Your success is our success

Why do offer such a fantastic signing package? Surely, we don’t have to give away so much for free. Surely, we could charge a bit more for the rental?  Our competitors charge more, so we have some wiggle room with the price, and yet we insist on giving you a rental for rock bottom prices?

The answer to that question is simple: if you are successful, we will continue to rent you a salon suite, and that means income for us and success for us.  Yes, we could charge more, but what good is that if no one rents from us at a higher price.

Even though you are an independent business owner at Salon & Spa Galleria, your success reflects upon us, so we all win when you win.

A salon suite to fit your needs

A salon booth rental, a salon suite rental, a spa suite rental, varying sizes to match the needs of a variety of professionals, with prices starting at $75 per week, yes, it is safe to say we have a salon suite rental to fit your needs.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria

What else is there to say?  We are the best, and our name recognition, plus our extensive rental package coupled with our low price, make Salon & Spa Galleria the only logical choice. Call us today . . . change your life, for the better, tomorrow.