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Salon Suites Near Me for Rent

By May 9, 2018May 15th, 2019Blog
salon suites for rent at Salon and Spa Galleria

Is that you, looking for salon suites near me for rent?

Are you tired of working for someone else, sharing your profits with salon owners or barely staying afloat?

Would you like to receive what you deserve in the salon industry, a pay comparable to your talent as a stylist?

Finding salon suites for rent is not difficult in most major cities.  Businesses like Salon & Spa Galleria are fairly common in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and St. Louis.  The concept is just an extension of the salon chair rental. Except in this business plan, you rent an entire room and not just a chair in some busy salon.  Since these companies are fairly common, you are left to make a decision among them based on suite rental prices plus amenities offered.

We Hope You Are Good at Math, You Don’t Want to Miss Out on These Salon Suites

In Tarrant County, Texas, Salon & Spa Galleria has nine locations.  Depending on the location, the salon room for rent can cost as low as fifty dollars per week. Think about that for a moment… fifty bucks. Fifty bucks is two customers per week! That’s all you would pay to cover your rental overhead for the week. For bigger math, you would need eight customers to pay for a month.  Everything else is profit! You read that right, everything else is PROFIT!

But what about those amenities mentioned earlier?

At Salon & Spa Galleria, everything else is provided for you.

If you need equipment, Salon & Spa provides it.  We provide 24/7 monitored access to your salon space. You are able to personalize your salon booth rental. Free internet access is available.  You will have a complimentary professional page on the Salon and Spa Galleria website.  And perhaps most importantly, we provide a relationship with a proven business model; you have the power of the Salon & Spa Galleria name behind you as you step into the business world, a new business owner, look out world, here you come!

Can you name any other business where you can open the door to your business for as low as fifty bucks per week, no other start-up costs, no other overhead, no costly equipment, no marketing costs, nothing but fifty bucks per week? We didn’t think so.

Unheard of!

If you think it’s too good to be true, call your nearest Salon & Spa Galleria and find out if we speak the truth.  We’ll be standing by the phone, waiting to make your dream come true.

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