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Salon Suites North Richland Hills

By September 18, 2018March 30th, 2022Salon Suites
To better understand salon suite rental prices, call Salon & Spa Galleria

There are a number of salon suites in North Richland Hills available right now. That’s the good news.

There is only one location in the North Richland Hills area, however, which offers everything you need to go into business for yourself without taking on a mountain of debt.  Call us at (817) 823-7105 for the answers to all of your questions.

North Richland Hills Salon Suites

This is not a trick.  This is not some marketing ploy to get you to buy something you don’t need.  And this is not some false, hollow dream being dangled in front of you. This is the reality we offer at Salon and Spa Galleria, and you are one phone call away from making that dream of yours a reality.

Call us!

Salon suites for rent for as low as $50 per week!

Let that sink in for a moment . . . salon suites for rent for fifty bucks per week!  What is that, two customers?  If you worked at Salon and Spa Galleria, you could literally pay for your weekly over head by the time you completed two customers on a Monday morning.  Before noon on Monday you would be working for pure profit, and that’s a deal almost impossible to beat.

We offer a salon booth rent with a boatload of enticements.

What do you need to own your own beauty shop?

Whatever it is you think you need, Salon & Spa Galleria provides almost all of it.  Here’s just a partial list of what we offer those who sign on for one of our luxury salon suites:

  • Luxurious location and surroundings
  • Marketing package including a press release and your own web page
  • Utilities
  • WiFi in every suite
  • HDTV in every suite
  • 24/7 access to your suite
  • Full-time concierge
  • Friendly office staff
  • Washer and dryer at every SAS location
  • Tankless water heater for an endless supply of hot water
  • Break room
  • Security monitoring
  • And much, much more

So what do you provide at Salon & Spa Galleria?

You provide your talent.  You provide your own business cards and professional supplies.  You provide whatever product you plan on selling in your own business.

And that’s it!

For a fraction of the cost of opening your own beauty business in some stand-alone location, you can be in business at Salon & Spa Galleria without incurring any debt and the worry that accompanies that debt.

Sound too good to be true?  Call us!  Arrange for a tour of our Salon & Spa Galleria premises. Talk to others who are now in business the Salon & Spa Galleria way. Don’t stop asking questions until you are satisfied that this is no marketing ploy.  We want our clients comfortable and we want them to succeed because we are locally owned and operated, which means you are our neighbors . . . and neighbors help neighbors in this part of Texas. We help you get started, and you help us with your professionalism and constant leasing arrangement.

We all win the Salon & Spa Galleria Way!