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She’s All Over the Place! Including at Beautiful Me Hair Studio

By December 2, 2022Press Releases
Author/entrepreneur Erica McGee is styling hair at Salon and Spa Galleria Arlington

Arlington, Texas – November 28, 2022 – A lady can go to Harvard. Or she can go to Yale. Or she can graduate from the School of Hard Knocks and be the one who comes out on top. With style!


Such is the story of Erica McGee, today owner and operator of the Beautiful Me Hair Salon, a

Salon and Spa Galleria Suite Rental Arlington that’s gaining attention nationally – heck, internationally – because its owner is an author as well. And at her core, an entrepreneur.


“When they say you’re all over the place, just smile – it means you will be international someday!” grins Erica McGee, quoting one of her many truisms.


Hey girl, this Erica “Ms. Precious” McGee is one smart girl, a barber/stylist for over 15 years, who apprenticed working for celebrity barber James “JT” Thomas. Of course, her journey in life didn’t start around any celebrities. Born in Springfield, IL, growing up in Fayetteville, N.C., Erica attended Benedict College for a year in South Carolina, then made the jump to Cosmetology School at Kenneth Shuler. Over the next years, going from being a six-figure earner to broke and flat busted at 30, Erica sprang back with lessons learned that have enabled her stylist dreams – and entrepreneurial dreams – to come true.


Another one of her truisms, that you’re likely to hear as she combs out your hair: C.O.M.B. It stands for who she is, what she does, what’s in it for you. (Care for hair, Optimistic, Motivator… and I’m going to bring out the Beautiful me in you.)


So after you’ve had your beautifying and edifying appointment at this beauty salon suite with Ms. Precious, you know the place to go next – to order a copy of her book, She’s All Over the Place. Erica McGee’s book comes fully loaded with a subtitle too: The Struggle is Real… Real Life Topics.


Because her struggle’s been real. And so is she. A real motivator. Let her comb out and show you the way!


About Beautiful Me Hair Studio

Located inside Salon and Spa Galleria Cooper in Suite 115, Beautiful Me Hair Studio is the proud creation of barber/stylist, author, and entrepreneur Erica McGee. For an appointment with this very inspiring lady, call or text (512) 668-2371 or book online Visit her website:, then buy her book:


About Salon and Spa Galleria

Salon & Spa Galleria is one of the fastest-growing privately held salon studio rental salons in the United States with 20 locations offering salon suites designed for independent beauty and wellness professionals. To inquire about the best salon booth for rent Arlington offers, visit the salon chain’s website.