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Spa Rental Space in North Richland Hills Will Never Be Cheaper

By December 30, 2022Salon Spa Blog
affordable luxury salon suites

Will spa rental space in North Richland Hills be less expensive than it is at this very moment, the end of December, 2022?

Not likely, and we know that because we have the cheapest spa rental space in that area, we being Salon & Spa Galleria, with three outstanding locations in the North Richland Hills area.  We have it, we have had it, and we will have it; thus, our confidence in saying that spa space for rent will never be as inexpensive as it is right now.

Call us for more details; our number is 972-691-7300, and we would be happy to show you some of our luxury salon suites in Nort Richland Hills.

Three spa rental space salons in North Richland Hills

There are quite a few spa rental agencies in the Greater Fort Worth area, but we are only going to tell you about the three Salon and Spa Galleria locations because, well, this article is all about low cost.  Our three North Richland Hills locations are:

  • 7720 Rufe Snow Drive
  • 8204 Bedford Euless Road
  • 8025 Glenview Drive

All three offer the same outstanding value for a salon suite rental, so let’s move on the matter of cost.

How inexpensive are the spa rental space in North Richland Hills?

At this very moment, December 26, 2022, you can rent a spa suite from Salon & Spa Galleria for as low as $50 per week in North Richland Hills.  All three locations offer the same incredible deal, and we know this is the lowest rental rate because we have done the market research, covering our competitors.  Of course, you can do the same market research, but you will come to the same conclusion.

$50 per week; extended to a full month, that means you can rent a retail space, for your business, for $200 per month.  We are confident in saying you will not find retail space, anywhere in Tarrant County, for that low cost.

Factor in the overhead to really appreciate the low, low cost

But the value does not stop with the low rental cost. Included in that cost are almost all of your utilities, including WiFi, including a free HDTV, including a web page, free laundry facility, free security monitoring, 24/7 access, and the full weight of the Salon & Spa Galleria reputation behind you.  It’s a bit like a little kid, cracking open their piggy bank, only to discover they have enough quarters and dimes to purchase a Ferrari.

Again, we’ve done our research.  No one can match this offer, not in Tarrant County, most likely not in all of Texas.

We are confident in making that boast because, in the last two years, we have gone from ten locations to twenty-two.  Obviously, our business model is working, and if it is working that well for us, it is working that well for our clients.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us today!

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria

Locally owned and operated, just Texans helping fellow Texans with a hand-up and support along the way, as you turn your dream of owning a business into a reality.

Call us today!