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Start Small With A Hair Salon Suite

By June 14, 2023Salon Spa Blog
a hair salon suite

This advice about owning a hair salon may seem counterintuitive, against conventional wisdom, but our business model is a proven winner, so we feel confident in giving this advice.  We believe starting small is the best track to success, and in this article we will tell you why.

We are Salon & Spa Galleria, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with twenty-two salon suite rental locations. Call us at 817-917-1416 for more information and to arrange for a tour of our facilities.

Now, our arguments is support of small business ownership.

A small hair salon is less risky.

Owning a hair salon is the dream of most hair stylists.  And why not? No more taking orders from a boss. No more working for commissions.  No more working the hours someone else wants you to work. Overseeing your financial future. It all sounds so wonderful; in fact, it is so appealing that many rush out and start a business before they are ready, before they are prepared, and before they actually understand what being a business owner really means.

It is our belief that mistakes are minimized when the setting is a small one. There is less stress operating a one-person hair salon suite as opposed to have employees. There is less paperwork and bookkeeping. There is more time for family and friends and just having fun.

Statistics show that most small businesses fail within the first two years, and we content they fail because they were either underfinanced or underprepared for the task at hand.

A small hair salon gives you time to learn business ownership.

A common belief among new business owners is that they can just open for business, greet customers, provide a service, and life will be good. In fact, most new business owners don’t know a thing about owning a business.  There is a reason why colleges give degrees in Business Management. There is a reason why there are courses taught about Entrepreneurship.  And that reason is because there is much to learn and learning it may be the difference between failing and succeeding.

You can always get bigger when you are ready.

You will always have time to grow.  After a year, when your business is on its feet, when it is sound and stable, and when you know what you need to know about being a business owner, that is the time to grow.  Perhaps then you can hire your first employee. Perhaps then you can move into a larger salon suite, maybe a double-suite.  Perhaps then you can hire a receptionist.

But not until you know what you need to know; not until you are organized and confident and ready for the next step.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

We have built the business model which has taken us from barely known to the top salon suite rental agency in Fort Worth, so we feel our advice is worth considering.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated. Call us and ask us about our hair salon suites, starting at $75 per week.  Ask us about the full list of amenities included in that rental price, amenities like all utilities, WiFi, and security monitoring.  Call us and ask for a tour today.  That phone call will be the first step towards owning a successful hair salon.