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The Beauty Salon Suite and Seasonal Change

By May 7, 2020Blog

With the seasons, there is always a change; the most significant change appears in a beauty salon suite.  I am reminded of my mother when I was just a girl and watching everything my parents did.  My dad was a champion breadwinner, and my mother was finishing up college, she had always wanted to be a music teacher, and she could play anything on the piano.  My mother had been in school for several years, and one Sunday afternoon, she graduated from college and became that music teacher she had always wanted to be.

I was young and did not truly understand the concept of going to college after high school for four or more years to get a job.  What I did not understand is making the trip to a hair salon for a hairstyle and change of color.  These concepts would come into light after college. You could get a better paying job with benefits and some prestige, with the current hairstyle trend and color.

Until it would be time for college, I would not forget about mom’s working summer schedule, working for two or more months at grandad’s barbershop in a booth rental.  My mother had the plan, work at the barbershop in summer and maybe learn how to play other instruments.

One year it had gotten sweltering. It was June and my mother had long hair. She had just landed a job for the fall as a music teacher at an elementary school in Arlington, Texas, and she was looking to change her look a little bit not much but just something different.  She makes her usual appointment, it was different this time she scheduled it at a salon suites Arlington, TX. When the time came, she went with a great deal of excitement. My dad was even concerned about my mother and her trip to the beauty salon suite.

I remember my dad telling mom that change is good, but that too much difference might be too much for everyone to handle. My dad even told my mom that he might need to go with her to keep everything real.  Mom told my dad that she did not need any help. She was an adult and she could change her hairstyle or anything else she wanted to. She explained that she was going to get her hair dyed and cut.

Dyed and cut, she said and dyed and cut she did!  Wow, mom! What have you done to yourself, I asked? She stood in the door to our home and just smiled.  I have been to the Salon and Spa Galleria. What do you think of my red hair?  Mom had cut her hair short, and the lady at the shop had dyed it bright red.  For just a minute, I was worried about my mom, and then I remembered she told dad that she could do what she wanted, and she had.

Mom’s hair had always been long and dark. Not much had ever changed. Dad was not home but was on his way, so there was no way to prepare him for what mom had done to herself. She was delighted with the way it had all turned out.  She stood in the kitchen with grandpa, who had just come over to get a tool from dad.  It is red and cut real short, Billie Francis, my granddad, said as he just stood there gazing in amazement.

”Has Randy seen your new look or the seasonal change as you call it” Billie Francis, no daddy, my mom said to grandpa but ”I am sure he will like it what do you think?” Granddad just stared ”I like it” he said ”even if Randy does not think much of it, it will always grow back out again”.