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The Beauty Salon Suite Rule of Thumb on Tipping

By April 2, 2020Blog
Is a salon studio rental for you?

Let’s talk about the proverbial elephant in the beauty salon suite room, a situation that happens when it comes to tipping.  We all have been in the position of uncomfortable awkwardness when you’re not sure what the suitable amount to tip.  Let us share the tipping rule of thumb for a beauty salon suite business owner.

Knowing the appropriate tipping etiquette ease the awkwardness.  The number one thing to remember is that tipping at the salon and suites is not the same as restaurant tipping or Uber driver tipping, there are a number of strategic tips (no quip intended) guidelines.

We have researched several beauty services including haircuts, blowouts, manicures, pedicures, skincare, spa services, and determined that based on the industry standards and our own concierge experiences.  A fundamental tipping rule for a salon studio is an average 20%

The 1st Haircut and/or the  20th

The comfort level is the key tipping basis.

Doing a first-time visit with a new stylist, a 15% tipping option is absolutely acceptable.  When you cultivate a relationship with the hairstylist and she becomes the one you will call yours, our suggestion for the rule of thumb tip is at least 20% or even 25%.  We know what you’re thinking right now, it seems a bit much? Think about it is this way – Hairstylist working on your hair for 1-2 hours deserves an expression of gratitude.

The Freebies Tipping

Your personal stylist has given a freebie such as a complimentary trim in addition to the original service, like coloring service. A trim was given as the free service (note to self, nothing is ever free) your stylists time is valuable and the salon suite rental has to be paid, the key to this rule of thumb tipping is giving them a thank you for going that extra mile.

The Manicure Tipping 

The rule for manicure tipping should always be 15-20%, whether you are in the most high-end salon or at the neighborhood nail salon suite.  The key to this rule is to reflect on the service or treatment you are getting done.  Gels manicures are the option you’re choosing, the suggestion from us is more around 25%.  The more time or detail invested in the manicure service warrants the larger tip.

The Pedicure Tipping

Like its counterpart the manicure, pedicure tip will be similar. The rule of thumb suggestion for tipping on a pedicure is a little more than a manicure. If a pedi is what you are getting then think roughly 22-25%.  If the nail technician offers mani/pedi discounts stick to the 25% tipping rule. A discount doesn’t mean the tip should reflect a discount.

The Spa Tipping

This was our favorite research, yes we did the hands-on research, how else can we tell you the key rule of thumb for a massage therapy session is based on how well you feel when you walk out of the spa room rental. The same key of tipping applies to the vast variety of spa services from the very small service such as the eyebrow was to the more in-depth facial or body massage. The tip that should be left is no less than 25% if the service didn’t make you happy when you were done, then reduce the amount of the tip, even a small service takes time. A remember time has value.

Here Are Our Freebies: Proper Salon Etiquette

Stay off your phones! Keep your phone put up if you are in service. This is your time to enjoy your service. To a stylist, a phone is a formula for a haircut disaster. So respect your money and your stylist time and put that phone away.

Bring cash! for the tip. Some business owners may not accept tips via credit/debit cards. To save a trip to the ATM and bring the cash with you.

For any more salon etiquette and rule of thumbs, call the Salon and Spa Galleria concierge at 972-691.7300.