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The Bedford Spa By Me

By October 3, 2019Blog
Salon & Spa Galleria offers alternatives to salon suites in Dallas

Looking for the excellent Bedford spa in the new city you moved too?

Welcome, health and beauty professional the Bedford area. Moving to a new city can be challenging for a professional. With all the things that have to be thought about, the important one is what about my new business spa or salon. Things like location are one of the first things; do I want it close to the house? Or do I want it in a mecca area or a neighborhood? After reading this little article, you will see what benefits that Salon and Spa Galleria, Bedford location can offer you. Call 972-691-7300, and we will answer all the questions you have.

Spa Suites For Rent In An Expanding Areas

Bedford was a great location to choose to move to. The economic development department has enhanced the quality of life for the residents and the sustainability of the business through a revitalization plan. The city is coordinating its efforts with promotion, recruitment of residential development in the city.

Salon and Spa Galleria is an established locally owned business that has gotten on the revitalization train with the economic boards of not just Bedford but the surrounding cities in the Tarrant County area. Providing the opportunity for new business growth through spa rental space and entrepreneurship means more individuals can own their own business. With our business model being available in 9 of our locations means renting and growth potential is covered.

Spa Suites Are Not Just For

A beauty and health professional to own their business; it also provides the ability to become financially independent. How do you ask? Let us show you. Spa or Suite rentals benefits are low startup cost to owning a business. With a small investment into leasing, let’s use our Grapevine Spa as an example… the locations offer suite rentals starting out as low as $50 a week with amenities included in a lease.

The Bang For Your Buck

Start to think that the lease is going to be the only overhead. Salon and Spa Galleria spa space for rent is provided with the salon features like 24/7 security monitoring, personal security code access to your spa suite, full-time concierge to greet your clients, marketing support-complimentary personal web page, break room with refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, sink and seating areas, just to list a few.

We know what you’re thinking that is a heck of a great deal! Yes, Yes it is you can check around we do encourage it, too though you’re not going to beat it.

Who Is Salon And Spa Galleria Bedford

We are basically a turnkey operation. You pay the lease, we bring in equipment, we begin marketing for you. Then with everything listed above and much more we provide for you at no extra cost. Set in a luxury landscape location where your clients have a feeling of being welcomed and comfortable.

We are one of 9 locations that are locally owned and operated. You’re dealing with our friendly staff here in Texas, even better in the DFW area, we are always eager to assist with any problems.

Our number is (972) 691-7300. You will be very interested in what we have to offer you with our current move in specials.