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The Corrective Measures Hair Studio

By July 9, 2020Blog

What is color correction? The hair studio experts weigh in on what constitutes, what the process is and pricing. That is fair for the stylist and client for the oft-complicated service.

The debate continues on with what accurately institutes color correction and how to explain and correctly price these services for clients. Defining corrective color is a bit complicated, is what some color experts would say.  It’s been said if you are fixing an at home job or another stylist’s work, it’s corrective. Then the jobs that take more than three hours is described as corrective color.

A salon studio defines corrective color service as reversing the undesired results of a previous color service. The service or series of services are often performed on new clients or current clients wanting a total re-vamp.  This service does require a bit of pre-planning.  If the current color was on a previous client the thought pattern must be on how to formulate the job as one to soften or erase the previous color and to make the clients envisioned color requests come alive.  The formulation will have to include how to manipulate and achieve the next new look without comprise to the client’s hair.

Taking It Step by Step

DFW salon suites owners explain and note corrective color may require a desaturation on the colored bands with bleach or glazing several times to neutralize the tenacious pigments.  The expert adds it is all about erasing the present and creating the innovative new – the steps may include stripping, color application, filling the hair with the previous removal of underlying color tints. (to eventually go darker) and the offer of reinforcement treatments to restore the integrity of the hair. This process is done prior to the new color service.

A color specialist will do one type of color correction often: as a transitioning or converting previously foiled highlights to their own color melding aesthetic. A method to diffuse away existing regrowth is to balayage.  Strategic balayage painting and placement will create new hyperrealistic light and depth.

The Talk Time 

How does a stylist explain the complications that surround corrections and why the cost is worth it, to a client?  Beauty salon suite owners advocate that a detailed in-depth consultation is required.  Explain the step and procedures, upkeep and options involved in color altering future services.  Some professionals having a waiver clearly stating it may require a number of unexpected services to achieve the desired result, signed by the customer.  The waiver would list all prices and color services that may be required to achieve the color desired.  *A tip from a professional color specialist – convincing a client to do a color service – if the client is not 100% sure, will not have the desired color result.

Consultation should be mandatory for all owners of salons.  This communication is to be crucial to clearly define pricing, and results may vary and avoid any unwanted surprises.  Always be upfront and honest when dealing with corrective color services.  It will always depend on the client’s hair and how far it can be pushed.

Take It To Pricing Points 

Some professional color specialist my offer correction packages.  Pricing packages may be a delicate option. If some clients don’t disclose their hair color history could cause you doing a dozen extra services at the package pricing with the end result being you doing a giveaway with time and supplies.  Many professionals charge by the hour for corrective color.  This method prevents no having to skimp on the bowls of lightener, bond builders and/or extra glazes.  Determine which pricing method works for you and remember to be totally transparent with clients so there are no surprises.

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