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The Difference Between a Hair Salon Booth and a Hair Salon Suite

By December 22, 2020Salon Spa Blog
What is the difference between a hair salon booth and a hair salon suite?

Is there a difference between a hair salon booth and a hair salon suite?

Read on and find out, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out and ask us your questions. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, located in Fort Worth, Texas, and hair salon booths are our business.

Well, what about hair salon booths?

In truth, the quick answer to the question posed above is NO, there is no difference between a hair salon booth and a hair salon suite.  Both are terms used to designate a space rented from a company for the purpose of running your own independent hair styling business.  There is, however, a difference in perception, and that perception can make for a difference in the rental fee, so let’s explore that.

A hair salon booth

A booth has a “lesser than” connotation than a suite.  Even though they both refer to basically the same thing, the word “booth” sounds smaller than a “suite.”  Is this important?  Only if it affects the pricing of the space rented.

The cost of a salon booth vs a salon suite

Taking our own business as an example, Salon and Spa Galleria has booth rentals ranging from $50 per week to $400 per week. The difference in cost has to do with the location (we have nine locations to choose from) and the size of the salon suite.  Mind you, we are not suggesting that all booths and suites are priced that way. We are simply saying that when you go about choosing, or looking for, a salon booth/suite, be aware that terminology may affect price.

What other factors should be considered?

Some companies have different incentives included in different packages. For example, one rental company may include utilities in their salon booth price. Another company may include an HDTV, WiFi, and furniture in their suite price.  One company may have a full-time concierge for their suites but not for their booths, while another company may offer none of those incentives for booths but all of them for suites.  It is up to you to inquire about the offerings and the prices.

And what if you can’t find a rental fee/package which meets your needs?

If that is the case, don’t sign a contract.  You are about to embark on an exciting journey, but it is also your financial future you are risking.  If you can’t find the deal you can afford, do not pull the trigger on a deal. Wait until the right option for a salon studio for you comes along, and it will come along.  Booth rentals are the wave of the beauty industry, and more opportunities will open up if you are patient.

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