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The List of Need To Know to Be Spa Ready

By January 21, 2021Blog
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The day is here. What day? It’s a spa day.  All the excitement has been building. The careful planning is in place, with schedules on the who, what, and how everything will happen.  No interruptions, no cell phones, and no kids allowed are your rules in place.  Being this is your first time to have a whole day for doing everything spa.  The night before, you are making sure everything and everyone will be in place.  Then the questions start crossing your mind.  What do I wear? Is it ok to wear a casual outfit? Do I take a change of clothes? Shoes? Oh, you didn’t think about that one either.  Keep reading, and we will share some of the best advice on “how to be spa day prepared” that will make your first time experience goes to plan.

What clothes Do I Wear?

Here are two primary considerations you want to think about when you are planning your wardrobe.  Comfort and sensible are what you wish to your decision for the outfit.

Most salon and suites spas want the clients to be comfortable, so think non-constricting clothing.  Think along with the idea of lounge bottoms, yoga pants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, or hoodies. These are encouraged by most spas.  Sneakers, sports shoes are the appropriate footwear.  If you choose to stay at a luxury spa, there might be a dress code, so it is essential to check the website for any information.

For the ladies, remember to tie hair back or wear your best messy bun look.  If you can make it possible to arrive makeup-free, so you will be treatment ready.

Robes, Do I Bring Mine To Wear?

At luxury salon suites bringing your robe will depend on each spa. Most resorts offer complimentary bathrobe and slippers for use. When booking a package, check the website to see what listed provided amenities.  When in doubt, contact your chosen spa room rental business to ask.

Footwear. What Do I Wear? 

What a great question. The order of a spa day is flip flops or slip-on shoes. Maybe, think about bringing both. A rule of thumb is to contact the Bedford spa or Grapevine spa of your choice before for your arrival to get the details.  Flip flops are the most practical and safe for walking.

Personal Belongings, What Do I Do With Them?

The majority of the spas will provide a space in the salon suite room or a locker to store your belongings.  The good idea is to leave valuables and electronics devices (this is your consecutive day) at home. That way, you have no worries.  Relax and enjoy your rejuvenated day that you planned with great detail.

Checklist Of Items to Take:

You might pack a personal bag for your pamper day.

  • A towel – though most spas provide towels, for the spa salon you might want to take a shower after a massage
  • Change of clothes – you won’t feel like climbing back into the same outfit after the pampering you just received. Especially if you have planned a dinning date after your spa day.
  • An extra layer – a hoodie or light jacket. Useful for that chill, you may start feeling after treatments.

Did you ask yourself, when will I have to get naked? Well, let’s put you at ease with this one. Again, remember spas want you to feel comfortable, so you’re able to enjoy your day of pampering to the fullest. So you, the requirement is to cover-up between treatment sessions, and in a massage session, you can undress down to what’s comfortable for you.

Therapists are skilled in using a practice called “draping.”  Once you strip down (entirely or to undergarments), you lie on the table covering up with a blanket or sheet (the therapist is not in the room during the disrobing). Draping is where the therapist will skillfully move the fabric to expose the body area to receive treatment.

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