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The Microblading Salon For An Artist

By November 7, 2019Blog

You are an artist looking for a microblading salon that provides all the features needed to provide the excellence factor for your career? Stop searching and continue reading then call us 972-691-7300 to schedule the tour of your new microblading salon.

What is in a Microblading salon?

It’s not just a salon studio or med spa, its a feeling or vibes is a term others use to describe a space. An exceptional environment designed with both salon professional and their clients. Since the mircoblading process can take up to 2 hours, you will want to provide a relaxing and peaceful setting. The artist expert should have the appearance of being tidy, should maintain proper sanitizing of their equipment. It’s providing a salon that will serve clients and while making them feel comfy.

Some factors to consider that would need to be taken into consideration in discovering the very best in microblading eyebrows salon. Consider the area of the salon suite, it prudent to think about the pace of the salon and location.

Essential considerations for salon leasing

Pricing and amenities…

Let’s think about this for a moment. What is in your budget what will you pay for the salon rental? Becoming a business owner can be quite costly when you factor in all the overhead and the surrounding neighborhood, this not so with Salon and Spa Galleria. We offer lease rentals for as low as $50 a week in our 9 locations. We don’t believe in breaking the bank to get started in the business. To think you can get your business open and running on just $50. Thank means your main overhead can be paid with the 1st client of the week.

The amenities are an essential consideration. Salon and Spa Galleria believe in giving you the best bang for your buck, why do you ask? Your success is our success …

The bang we provide with the salon lease rental price …

think of everything you need to open a business… do you have the list? We are going to list some to see if you got them right. Of course, we will start with the utilities, then move to equipment, HDTV with cable, complimentary Wifi, marketing assistance with a press release.

How are you doing so far? No, not done yet. Is 24/7 access on your list? Security monitoring, washer, and dryer on premises was there a mention of a personal listing on the webpage, so basically, everything you need is included in our amenities. How did you do?

We have locations!

Microblading in Fort Worth is growing in popularity ladies and men seeking to have that natural fresh groomed look. We have microblading salons in Grapevine, 2 locations in Arlington, Haltom City, Bedford and 3 Fort Worth locations. All of our sites are designed with luxury in mind, easy access parking, and plenty of spaces, and did I mention that significant consideration goes into where we establish our locations. Being locally owned and operated, we can stay on top of the trending real estate market. We offer high-end settings without the high-end rent.

Go ahead and make that call we have a concierge standing by to put you in touch with the salon manager. Again, the number to call 972-691-7300