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The Salon Suites Rules of Attraction, part 3

By April 8, 2021Blog

Not all salon suites Instagram content is created equal.  In the third part of this series, we’ll help to make certain that all of the hard work your putting in is getting to the audience you’re wanting.  Let us provide tips or the rules of attraction for audience attraction and how featured accounts will share your work – including Salon and Spa Galleria’s

Reposting is what you want, too. Fantastic talent and skill are abundant; it is impossible to share it all.  Let us show you some uncover rules of attraction that are tested and true- the creating engagement both with posting content and others page engagement, these are to name a few.  These tips will help set apart your work from the crowd and norm of the beauty salon.  And then maybe you get a repost on pages like @salonandspagalleria and your fav brand.

Again We Repeat Tag Their It Is The Game

The more elemental way of putting it, it’s practically impossible to see the hair salons work if the tagging is wrong.  The first rule of attraction, tag your photos with the pages you want to connect with page handles – allowing the pages easier to see your work.  Secondly, confident that you are hashtagging posts with the brands. By checking the reposting sites bio for the list of hashtags they want to be used – ours is #salonandspagalleria.  Rule of attraction tip:  In your Instagram story, tagging a page is a foolproof way that your work will be seen.  Will up your visibility though it’s not always a guarantee repost of your work.

The Salon Suite Page To Engage A Page

It would be best if you worked at getting your work shared.  Don’t do the big turn off, by skating onto the page’s DM’s and say you want the repost when you haven’t even engaged the page.  Let us define what engaging means; it’s double-tapping and commenting on the content the account shares. At @salonandspagalleria, we respond and read every insightful comment or a funny response.  The more your handle is seen through engagement. The more likely your handle will be remembered and have your work checked out.  There are opportunities for voting in featured accounts’ story polls, shout outs when you see them go live, and or simply share their posts on your page, main fee, or in your stories. Engaging another account not only helps your salon rental business stand out, it also increases your page’s engagement, win-win.

Keeping Your A-Game an A-Game

Fierce is how you would describe the competition. Stylist continually up their Insta-game.  Think as a featured page does. Great looking images that show the demonstration of the hairstylist’s abilities, with two more rules of attraction, are high-quality and uniqueness.  Some invest in superb equipment, take a class on lighting add in hours of practice on nailing that photo-worthy shot.  Added note to the rules of attraction is research the reposting page and figure what elements they are looking for.

Set Yourself Apart To Stand Resonating 

To vibe with a broader audience: Detail the achievement of the look.  The discussion might include challenges that were overcome during the process.  Sharing insights is what a reposting page is scouting. The company is looking for educational or inspirational.  Salon and Spa Galleria repost high-quality pictures, we look for a meaningful, in-depth post that elevates and inspires people in the industry to work hard and believe in themselves.

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