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The Salon Suites Rules of Attraction

By March 25, 2021Blog

Salon owners leasing salon suites all can raise their hands to the familiar saying ‘all Instagram content is not created equal.’  Owners work hard for new client attraction to the salons. They begin with posts of dramatic before and after’s on the Instagram (IG) page to showcase your skills and talents.   As an owner, you are baffled by a new post showcasing a new client who had dreams of platinum, though her hair has been box-died for years at home.  The hours spent correcting the color and then tada, you achieved the clients’ goal hue. Rightfully you are thrilled, the post goes up and you get 120 likes. That is pretty good, maybe – though the post of the cute cuddle puppy got 335 likes, Which means?

A few things are found in play here.  First is the cuteness factor – that means puppies.  There is more than that. There is a need for you to scrutinize your salon studio page.  Let us provide you a few hard Are the questions to ask yourself for the examination.

1) Are the followers comprised mostly of friends and family

2) Are the post geared to appeal to clients?

3) Are the hashtags correctly done to make sure potential new guests see the hair salon works?

To make certain the salon’s content is reaching the audience you want to attract – not just the audience you have – these things will need to be done – manage the photo, the post and tagging.  We have put together a series of tips we like to call the rules of attraction.

A Salon Studio Suites Photo Post 

The photo is essential, so show the client’s face. While photos showing the back of the head may appeal to hairstylists and you, will lack resounding with new potential clients. We can say Updo’s are the only exception to this rule.  Think about this way Clients want to see what they would look like with a particular color or haircut. Statically speaking, face photos receive 38% more likes, according to IG analytics.  As we all know, the rule here is more likes equals too more reached equals too more opportunities for the attraction of new clients.

Post Writing Matters

Let’s use the example above. The goal for attracting new business is appealing to the clients who will be sitting in your chair.  The first rule, don’t bash “before” hair pics. Client hair shaming is not a solid business strategy. The second rule, keep it simple – clients won’t know the complexity of the process. Meaning going from level 3 to level 9 is mute to them, and they probably don’t care.  The rule of attraction is giving your followers reason to book with your salon suite lease – by share how you can make your potential clients color dreams come true for any season, mentioning spaces are filling up fast, announcements of special offer, etc.  The post should have the feel excellent service, experience, and the end result, excellent hair.

The Tag You’re It Game of Posting

Hashtags, primarily defined as the search engine, and count them, you get 30 chances to come up in a query.  The rule of attraction to showing up in potential new client searches, hashtag your area city, neighborhood, and surrounding cities (for example, #salonsuitesFort Worth, #salonsuitesdfw, #salonsuitesalliance).  Secondly, have a unique hashtag for your salon, using the example above (#blondehair, #platinum); don’t forget a couple of tags about the transformation (#colorcorrection, #transformationhair) then tags for things like length and style. Just a side rule, include one or two hashtags in the post itself, like location tags, further drive engagement.  People search using location tags for local businesses’. No rules on the location tag it could be your salon’s city, a nearby prestige hotel, or a new hot restaurant down the street, when the specific location is selected all images associated with the tag comes up, including yours. Who knows? A few people will want to have their hair done before an event or dinner.

Stay tuned for the continuing parts for the Rules of Attraction.

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