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Tips To Create A Salon Suite Design Dream

By December 26, 2019Blog
Beauty Salon leasing

You have completed the big step one in your salon suite dream, signing the lease.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? When it comes to setting up your salon suite. You’re thoughts are considering everything from design schemes, to product offerings, to price lists to name just a few things. The thing that you will want to remember first in creating your suite style is to keep it fun. Keep reading, here are some design idea tips to help you keep it fun and create the dream décor for your salon suites rental.

Press In To Your Salon Suite Lease Space

The choices are in the thousands when it comes to how many ways you can decorate your salon and suites. Don’t think of renovating the entire space and start from scratch, press in, and look at what your space already provides. Look at the skeleton of the area, things like concrete floors and walls will lend itself to a modern vibe. Ceilings with exposed ductwork can give away to the industrial glam vibe. Whatever the decor vibe you will want to make sure the salon equipment matches décor vibe.

Lighting It Up! The Essential Feature

Creating the perfect lighting is one of the most important features in your salon studio. Yes, natural light is the preferred choice, windows are great feature though not every location will have windows. No windows? No problem, there are other ways to light your space.  The main goal of choosing light for your salon is for your client to look good. When they look into a mirror, and they see what they don’t like, there will be nothing to do to keep them happy with your service. A mirror can play a key in helping with lighting improvements. If you choose to use lamps, place them to make sure the shadows don’t overlap where your client will be sitting. Other considerations for wanting to light your space are behind-the-mirror lights, overhead lighting only, or standing lamps.

Reviewing The Reflections

Once a client walks through your door, they are going to be sitting in front of a mirror, it essential that you pick a mirror that’s right for your beauty salon suite. If you are looking for the more substantial and more open space feel, then you will want to consider a big multi-station mirror — the more intimate you want your spot to feel, use a smaller single-station. A polished look you will want to use a naked mirror and for the welcoming or hospitable feel framed mirrors will accomplish this décor feel.

No Limits with Coloring Outside The Lines

Don’t limit your designing décor to just the standard 4 walls.  Let your décor design extend beyond the lines. Coloring outside the lines décor design would be including the floors and ceilings. By adding a colorful ceiling, you will brighten your hair salon suite and make it feel more spacious try painting the walls white.  The main reminder after choosing the aesthetic is to stay cohesive.  Staying cohesive will give your suite a complete feeling and energy.

To get more tips and see the different suite styles visit us at any one of the 9 Salon and Spa Galleria locations. Call 972.691.7300 to book a tour to lease a suite to design your dream décor.