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Top Three Tips When Renting Luxury Salon Suites

By November 10, 2023March 13th, 2024Salon Spa Blog
luxury salon suite rental

If you are considering renting one of the many luxury salon suites available in your city, this is the article you will want to read. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, serving the Greater Fort Worth, Texas area with twenty-three salon suite rental locations.  In other words, we have “game.”  Call us at 817-917-1416 for more information.

But, first, let’s talk about some tips you will find useful.

Luxury salon suites Tip #1

This might seem like an odd tip for us to give, considering we are in the business of renting salon suites. After all, bigger is better for us; the larger the salon studio, the higher the lease payment, correct? So why are we suggesting this?  But we believe people just leasing for the first time, and especially people with limited operating budgets, should start small and operate a one-person salon in a small salon suite.

First of all, we are profitable if we rent our suites.  It does us no good to oversell clients on large suites if they are not able to meet the monthly lease payment.  The end result of that process is we end up with an empty salon suite.  Speaking just from our point of view, we are much better off renting a salon suite our client can afford, and in that way keeping our client long-term.

Secondly, smaller is always better when going into business. Smaller means less headaches. It means fewer details to keep track of, and it means fewer things can go wrong.  Going into business is stressful and at times very overwhelming.  You can always grow into success, but rarely can you downsize with positive results.

Luxury salon suites tip #2

Our second tip is this: Look at the big picture and consider all expenses.  Rent is not your only expense.  A business owner will also pay utilities, WiFi, signage, furniture rental/purchases, and many miscellaneous expenses like insurance and laundry.  Look at the bigger picture before committing.

Having said that, there are some salon suite rental companies, like our own Salon and Spa Galleria, where most of those secondary expenses are included in our low rents, rents starting at $75 per week.

Know what you are getting for that rental and know what you will be on the hook for with regard to other expenses.

And, finally, Tip #3

Our third tip will save you money. It may take a little time to implement, but in the long run, it is definitely a money-saver AND a money-maker.

Learn as much as you can about social media and using social media in your marketing campaign.  Learn what “search engine optimization” is and how it will work for you.  You do not need to spend great amounts of money on marketing; all you need to do is market wisely and make what money you do spend work for you.

By the way, Salon & Spa Galleria offers free marketing workshops as part of our rental package.

A final word about Salon & Spa Galleria.

Salon & Spa Galleria is locally owned and operated.  We have shown our greatest growth in the past three years, years dominated by COVID, which will tell you a great deal about our success and our business model.  Call us today and find out what the gold standard of salon suite rental agencies looks like.