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Turn A Salon Booth Rental Into A Profitable Business

By August 4, 2021Blog
salon booth rental

By now, if you are in the beauty industry, you have heard about a salon booth rental movement.  Perhaps you have some questions about it.  Perhaps you don’t know if it is a profitable alternative for you?  You have some niggling doubts which are preventing you from taking the leap of faith.

We want to eliminate those doubts with this article. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, with twelve salon booth rental locations in the Greater Fort Worth area, and in this article we are going to set your mind at ease and tell you why we believe a salon suites for rent is a great idea.  For more information, call us at 972-691-7300.

A brief description of a salon booth rental

In the traditional beauty industry, talented beauticians would work for a beauty salon owner, oftentimes working for 40% commission, or less.  The jobs are secure, there are many of them out there to have, but rarely, if ever, do the talented employees make enough to be financially secure. Oh, the salon owner does quite well, but the employees typically struggle for enough hours and enough pay.

With a salon suite rental, those same talented beauticians run their own mini businesses out of luxury salon suites.  Instead of leasing an entire beauty salon, you would rent an individual salon suite, and run a one-person business from that suite.  It could be a nail specialist salon, a hair styling salon, a massage salon, or any other type of salon you specialize in.

Crunch the numbers of profitability

What would this type of business arrangement cost?  We will use Salon & Spa Galleria as our example, since we can’t speak for other salon suite rental businesses.

At Salon & Spa Galleria, one can rent a salon suite for less than $100 per week.  Utilities are included in that rental cost, as is WiFi, a web page, laundry facilities, security monitoring, and invaluable support.

Less than $100 per week!

You pay for your business license, you pay for business cards, you pay to decorate the suite, and you pay for any product you plan on selling.  Realistically, you can be running your own mini business for less than $500 investment, and keeping 100% of the profits as your future unfolds.

Compare this to commission

100% of the profits or 40% of the profits . . . which sounds better to you?

$100 rent?  You literally could have your overhead paid for by the end of the first day, with all other sales pure profit for the week.

Compare that to commission.  For those of you currently working in a beauty salon owned by someone else, working for commissions, how is that working out for you?  How much savings do you have to fall back on during tough times? How many extras do you have?

100% of the profits or 40% of the profits . . . which sounds better to you?

A word about Salon & Spa Galleria

Is a salon booth rental right for you? Our clients at Salon & Spa Galleria would give a resounding YES as an answer to that question. Call us and let’s talk about your future with Salon & Spa Galleria. With twelve convenient locations, we are positive we have the right salon suite for you.