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What Is In Your Hair Salon Tool Box?

By July 30, 2020Salon Spa Blog

You have a hair salon dream. You ask yourself this one question, what do I do next? Let us help you make that dream a reality. Keep on reading to see what you will need in your own business toolbox. 

 Most business experts will tell you. You have options when it comes to starting up costs for beauty shops. Though all business tool boxes start with a plan. Have a plan and put it in place and keep working it. In this day and age, it is the start-up cost that prevents most salons from being profitable or functioning in the black, so to speak. 

What Is in The Tool Box?

The excitement is building. You have your business plan in hand. Now you want to know how to get or make the seed money. The seed is another term for a start-up. Seeds grow start-up seems like it has a stopping point. 

Do you think about the tools to do business? The stylist chair, washbasin, entertainment for waiting, and waiting area. How about personal tools? You have a hairdryer, combs, scissors, flat iron, curling iron, and the products to use on the hair. These tools are a must requirement to make your business grow. 

What marketing tools do you need? The most important tool here is you. You with the appetite to get your name out there. You determine and pick a brand, get business cards, don’t get the importance of social media account, and a website. A scheduler or scheduling website. If choosing to do resale of products, then make sure there are samples. 

What boss tools must you have? One crucial device will be your ability to accept money. Things like square, or other cash apps will be essential to the younger clientele. For the old school clientele, your bank account to accept checks and cash. Maybe some form of accountant or accounting software. A computer would be an essential part of any boss. 

What and who will be your clientele? Who do you know? Is where you start then you ask them who do you know? And this will be your multiplier. Encourage word of mouth advertising. 

What or where is your business location? Below we will list options to research. So, let’s get started: 

  Do Your Option Research 

  1. Booth rent or commission, both might help you get a savings started. It would mean working for another salon owner, working their schedule, selling their products, and doing it their salon way. This option allows you the opportunity to build clientele and a slower approach to save money. 

  2. Rent a salon and suites, here is where we can help. Was it mentioned we are Salon and Spa Galleria? A leader in salon suite rentals and assisting entrepreneurs in making their dreams a reality. We make owning your salon as easy as 1,2 & 3. We cover all the expenses that a large salon owner would have keeping overhead for the owner of a mini salon down to just rent and resale product purchase expenses. 

  Leasing a salon suite is for the energetic individual that has a vision. And want to do business their way. They realize the start-up cost is affordably low. We offer leases as low as $50. We know crazy right, though true. 

 Now that you have a full toolbox, the only decision left is to contact one of the Salon and Spa Galleria salon managers. Call 817-823-7105 or 817-917-1416, schedule a tour of any one of 9 locations and then select your favorite from our luxury salon suites.