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What You Need For Hair Salon Insurance

By June 22, 2023Salon Spa Blog
Let's talk hair salon insurance

When opening a hair salon, one of the important decisions to make is regarding what type of insurance you will need for your fledgling business.

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Now, though, let’s talk about insurance for a hair studio.

Owning a hair salon means you are all alone.

There is no back-up plan when you own a business. There is no safety net.  A lawsuit, quite frankly, could cripple, if not kill, your business, and that is why carrying the right kinds of insurance is so important.  We are going to tell you about five types of insurance we believe are important. The fifth only applies if you are purchasing a retail property for your business.

The type of insurance for a hair salon we recommend.

So, what types of insurance should you consider? We recommend the following:

  • Personal liability insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Worker compensation insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Commercial property insurance

Let’s look at each of these in a bit more detail.

Personal liability insurance: You would need this type of insurance to protect you should you be sued for failure to provide the service you promised, or for doing such a poor job on a client that they decided to sue you for failure to meet your obligations as a business owner.

General liability insurance: Someone walks into your hair salon, slips on a wet floor, falls and breaks an arm.  You will need general liability insurance.

Worker compensation insurance: If you have employees, and one of those employees is injured while at work, you will need this insurance to cover the costs of medical treatment.  If you don’t have employees, which we recommend when you are just starting out, then you will not need this insurance.

Business interruption insurance: There is a water leak and your salon is flooded. There is a fire and you are closed for repairs for two months.  In these situations, when your business is closed and you are earning no income, business interruption insurance will provide lost wages to you.

Commercial property insurance: If you own the property, you will most definitely need this. If you are renting a salon suite, you will not need it.

A few final thoughts to consider.

Insurance is one of those topics no one wants to talk about and, in fact, many people avoid. It is, for whatever reason, and uncomfortable topic for many business owners, but it is crucial to the health of your business.  Find an insurance agent you are comfortable with and who you can trust and set your business up for success by making sure it is protected against the worst that can happen to it.

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