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What’s Trending, Microblading Salon?

By December 24, 2020Blog

We all saw the digital word microblading salon is trending, be it on the tip suggestion for our phones or the google pop-ups.  Microblading salons are the lastest in perfecting the perfect brow.  Microblading is a technique that is a semi-permanent way of enhancing a natural-looking brow. It’s a technique that gets its origins for a tattoo method practiced in eastern Asia.

A beauty enhancement technique that delivers impressive results to the natural brow.  You can start with no brows, faint blonde brows, lost your eyebrows to chemotherapy or alopecia, or want a bit more fuller-looking and arch fill-ins, and when the appointment finishes, you will have the look of all-natural brows.  The microblade artist can create a custom color. Matching your natural color while using several shades producing the multidimensional and “real” look.

In the consultation, the 3d microblading artist will draw the brows on first to see if you are sure you will be into them.  All good artists will ask what would the clients’ experience achieve.  If it’s about being and feeling more confident or the simple option of no longer want to keep brow line filling in, then microblading brows are the answer for you. So like other trending procedure, you ask how much does it cost? Pricing does vary; it can start as low as $300 and go up to as much as $2,500 pricing varies based on the technicians’ level of experience and salon location — the one thing you will want to discuss if the initial price includes any follow-up sessions. Guaranteed, you will have at least one touch-up.

For a session of 30 to 40 minutes giving you the perfect natural brow look and saving you time in the long run – microblading can last up to 3 yrs on some clients. Oily skin is the only exception; ink fades faster. Asking yourself if cost out weights the benefits?  That is your choice to add.  Here is a list you may compare to:

1) natural brows require product – brow pencils in several shades

2) time to do the penciling or powder brushing – minus the errors that have to be erased

3) brows have to waxed – requires time and appointment

So, if you don’t mind spending time, then keep browing the same way as always, though if you’re finished with all that and you want to wake up with perfected brows, it’s worth the money.

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