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Why Salon Suite Leasing is for You

By November 26, 2019Salon Spa Blog
Why is salon suite leasing for you? Read on to find the answer

The question we will be answering in this article is a simple one: why is salon suite leasing for you?

If you are in the beauty industry . . . hair stylist, nail specialist, microblading expert, or even a massage therapist . . . you undoubtedly at one time or another heard about salon suite leasing and considered it.  Maybe you briefly heard about it but were nervous about leaving the security of the beauty shop where you work. Maybe you thought a salon booth rental would be too expensive.

We are about to change your thinking.  Call us at (817) 823-7105 and ask your questions. We have the answers which will change your life. We are Salon & Spa Galleria, with nine locations in the Fort Worth area, and we have important information to share with you.

Salon suite leasing in Fort Worth vs where you live

What if your area doesn’t have salon booth rentals? Trust us!  If you live in a city of any size at all, you can find a salon suite for lease.  This business model is popular enough today that you can find it in any decent-sized city, so start making your calls and find it.

What if what applies for Salon and Spa Galleria does not apply for your city?

That’s entirely possible. Salon and Spa Galleria Fort Worth has the best salon leasing package you will find, so good that many people have moved to the Fort Worth area just to take advantage of the Salon &Spa Galleria business plan.  Are you one of those people?  Let’s talk about Salon & Spa Galleria’s business plan and then you can decide.

What you can expect at Salon & Spa Galleria

It starts with a luxurious salon suite in a luxurious setting. All Salon & Spa Galleria locations look luxurious. They look like they make you feel: special. They are in good traffic areas, with great access, and they are ascetically pleasing to the eye.  Inside there is a full-time concierge to help your customers to navigate through the building, and always a helpful staff who ooze great customer service.

Then we roll out the amenities

Amenities like free utilities,  a free marketing package, a free website, free use of washer and dryer on-site, free HDTV, and free WiFi, to name just a few of the things included in the basic package.

And then we tell you about the price of the salon spa

Get ready to be blown away! Salon & Spa Galleria has spa booths for rent for as low as $50 per week, or $200 per month.  And currently there is a $5 for 5 special, meaning rent a salon booth for five bucks per week for the first five weeks!

Go ahead and try to find a better deal than that!

Listen, if you are comfortable working in someone else’s beauty shop for commissions, and you are afraid to go out on your own, we understand.  But if you are hesitating simply because you don’t have enough information to make an informed decision, then you really need to call Salon & Spa Galleria and ask questions until you are fully satisfied and ready to change your life.

Contact us today!