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Why Salon Suites, Your Way

By October 8, 2021October 30th, 2021Blog

Why Salon Suites

We loved sharing our why you should make a move to own a salon suites with Salon and Spa Galleria.  The remainder of the blog will focus on why you should lease with us.

Salon and Spa Galleria offers luxury individual and double size suites for the professional in the beauty industry. We have locations in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. We are offering ten luxury sites with beautifully landscape locations, to be exact.  Salon suites and booth rental have become prevalent nationally and locally. Why? It is because of the enormous advantages it offers to the beauty professional.  If compared to being a traditional salon employee on commission, booth renting, or even opening your own conventional salon. Experienced beauty professionals with an established clientele can easily make a move to salon space leasing and be open for business and with little to no downtime. The ability to accomplish your dreams is plainly at your fingertips!

Your Salon Way

When you start your own business with Salon and Spa Galleria, you are giving yourself freedom. A freedom to schedule your own hours, select your personal services to will provide, pricing your services, retail your loved products, and decorate your salon suite the way you have always dreamed.

Your Suite Space

Your salon at Salon and Spa Galleria is truly a luxurious and custom experience. Your salon studio is your space and being your representation of your creative abilities. Your salon suite design will welcome your client and help them get to know you. If you are trendy and bold or calm and tranquil, your personality will shine in your salon space rental.

Your Suite Retail

In a conventional salon, retail is limited to what the owner allows, and a small portion of the commission is paid to you. With a Salon and Spa Galleria salon suite lease, you are the boss, and as such, you can hand-pick which products you want to use and sell in your salon. You may display them in your way, and you keep all the profits income from the sales.

Whether through monthly samples, promotions, or any other of your inspired merchandising techniques, you are free to sale, sale, sale. Just think what a game-changer it id to keep 100% of the income from retail vs. a small percentage with commissions. Furthermore, you don’t have to meet a sales quota and don’t have to feel pressure to push the product that you don’t love on the client. It may not be the best fit for their hair or their lifestyle.

Your Brand

Promote your salon how you choose after you have wisely crafted your spa rental space experience. If you need some help getting started, then Salon and Spa Galleria can offer a helping hand. You can join one of the scheduled marketing meeting with our in house Marketing Specialists. At Salon and Spa Galleria, you are an independent salon suite owner, but you are never alone. So, promote your talents and salon suite as you believe fit.

Call a salon manager at Salon & Spa Galleria, call 817-917-1416 or 817-823-7105.

To reach our concierges and schedule a tour, call 972-691-7300