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Beauty Salon Suite North Richland Hills

We are going to make a rather bold claim to anyone looking for a beauty salon suite North Richland Hills to lease: there is no better deal, on the market, than the one you will find at our North Richland Hills salon suites.

We are going to spend the remainder of this article proving that fact, and once we have we invite you to call (817) 823-7105 and speak to our leasing agent, Brooke. She will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our facility and our company.

North Richland Hills draws from the following area:

  • Richland Hills
  • North Richland Hills
  • Watauga
  • Fort Worth
  • Haltom City

That’s a sizeable and population-rich area, so finding potential customers will be no problem for an energetic self-starter in the beauty industry.  Is that you?

Are you a self-starter?

We can provide you with the best North Richland Hills salon space for rent on the market, and we will, but unless you have the following qualities, you will not succeed:

  • You must be a self-starter
  • You must have a fire in your belly to survive
  • You must work well without supervision
  • You must be detail-oriented and able to handle finances
  • You must be willing to accept advice
  • You must be a hard-worker

We provide a business plan which is guaranteed to work, but only if you have the qualities listed above.  Not everyone has them.  Almost everyone wants to believe they have those qualities, but in truth not everyone does. So, do you?  You need to be brutally honest with yourself or this will not work for you.

What about the economy? Is this a good time to start a business?

It’s a fair question. We have all heard the horror stories coming out of the business world. Businesses are failing rapidly. It is the worst this economy has been in seventy-five years, since The Great Depression of the 30’s. It’s a hell of a time to go it alone, right?

But consider this: so far, in 2020, Salon & Spa Galleria has expanded, from ten locations to twelve, and we have more in the planning process.  And why is that? Because our business model works, that’s why!  While others flounder, we flourish, and isn’t that the type of company you want to hitch your wagon to?

What’s our business model look like?

It’s pretty simple, really: we offer quality salon suites North Richland Hills at a very affordable price, as low as $50 per week at select locations. We pay for your overhead, including utilities and WiFi. We provide workshops on marketing and business.  We place the full weight of our Salon & Spa Galleria brand name behind you for support.  You go out, find customers, and provide a quality service. And you keep 100% of your profits after you pay your business expenses.  No more working for commissions.  No more making someone else rich.  No more working assigned hours.  You are the captain of your ship, a ship we provide at a very low price.

And what do we get? We get a valued client who keeps our salon suite facility filled and who adds to our positive image as a quality company.

It’s a win-win for everyone at Salon & Spa Galleria North Richland Hills. Call us today!