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Latest articles and trends on suite rentals for the salon and spa industry.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a salon chair rental? We tell you in this informative article.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Salon Chair Rental

We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of salon chair rentals in this truthful and…
You need to be aware of possible problems with a salon space rental before committing
Salon Spa Blog

Pitfalls of a Salon Space Rental You Need to be Aware Of

Before you rent a salon space rental, consider these points. Awareness of these pitfalls will…
Is salon space leasing right for you?
Salon Spa Blog

A Salon Space Leasing Checklist Before You Start; Is It Right For You?

We give you some things to think about before you dive into salon space leasing.…
Salon suite leasing allows you to gain financial independence
Salon Spa Blog

Is a Salon Suite and Booth Rental Right for You?

We give you criteria to consider when deciding whether a salon suite and booth rental…

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