This article is written for anyone looking for a Hulen salon suite rental, or anyone even thinking about renting a Hulen booth rental.  We believe the following information will help you greatly in your search.  We are a brand new  Salon and Spa Galleria Hulen, and we invite you to call us at (817) 917-1416, or visit us at 5530 SW Loop 820.

Areas served by our Hulen location:

  • Hulen
  • Benbrook
  • Granbury
  • Fort Worth
  • Aledo
  • Cresson
  • Whiskey Flats

So, obviously, you have a large population base to draw customers from with our Hulen location.

Why we believe this is a good time to rent a Hulen hair salon

Yes, we know, 2020 is the Year of the Pandemic.  Yes, we know, 2020 has seen many, many businesses fail, and many, many people out of work. And yes, we know, the damage from 2020 will most definitely leak into 2021. Right now it’s really quite hard to predict when our nation will get back to normal.  So, for sure, these are uncertain times, and we understand that someone might be a bit leery about looking at Hulen hair salon suites for rent during a horrible recession.

But we are here to tell you that this is the perfect time for you to take the leap.

Consider this: 2020 saw our business, Salon & Spa Galleria, actually expand, from twelve locations to fourteen.  Demand has actually increased for our salon rentals, and that means the demand for those who want those rentals, the hair stylists, nail specialist, microblading experts, med spa folks, has increased.

People want their hair styled. People want microdermabrasion and a eyelash lift and esthetician services.  They proved that when the first restrictions were lifted, back in June, and they will prove that again as 2021 begins. The demand is there, and we would counsel that this is the perfect time to start out as a beauty specialist in your own booth rental.

Can you afford it?

Only you can answer that question. Can you afford $50 per week rent? Because that’s what our base salon suite costs at select Salon & Spa Galleria locations? Can you afford a business license? Can you afford the cost of decorating your salon booth? Can you afford purchasing some product to sell from your business?  Those are really the only expenses you face, because we take care of all the other overhead expenses for you, i.e. utilities, WiFi, laundry, HDTV, security.

We make this as affordable as we possibly can for you, and obviously our approach is working because we can’t build new sites fast enough to stay up with the demand.

Which only leaves this question: Do you have the right stuff?

It’s now up to you. If you think you have the right stuff to succeed in business, we are here waiting for you. If you think you have the talent and the great customer service, we are waiting for you.  If you think you are a winner just waiting for the perfect situation, we are waiting for you.

Call us today!  Let’s make your dreams happen today!