Beauty Salons In Alrington

By June 23, 2017 Blog

Are you looking to become your own boss? Many hairstylists are drawn to the industry for its independence and control. Being an owner of your own salon/suite you can generally expect to have a net profit of 11-16%, although you can make this profit figure higher or lower as you see fit. At Salon and Spa Galleria we have different size suites that range in price to best fit your needs and profession. We also have multiple salons in the DFW area like Mansfield, Arlington, Grapevine and 3 in Fort Worth as well as three upcoming locations to best fit you and your clients travel time. If you are ready to make that change, get out of those commission based salons and into a suite to call your own, then we are here for you and will make the transition amazing. When you sign on with us we give you a free press release to let your clients know where you have moved to or are starting as well as for any new potential clients that may need your expertise. We also host monthly marketing classes for all of our tenants so they are up to date on all the social media and how to promote your business if you want.

Having your own small business has adventures like selling your own product right out of your suite and increases your revenue tremendously. With being your own boss you are able to make all the decisions yourself and not have to worry about answering to anyone. The driving force appears to be the desire to “be your own boss” and to enjoy the freedoms and benefits of becoming independent. We will make sure that your small business is beyond successful and Salon and Spa Galleria will be called your home. We have many incentives when you sign on with us and provide many marketing classes for all of our tenants to help them in getting a full steady clientele. So give us a call today set up an appointment to visit and tour one of our beautiful salons and see what all the hype is about!