Boat Club Beauty Salon Suites Will Pamper

By January 9, 2020Blog
Rent a hair salon suite in Fort Worth that you can afford

They are coming soon! New beauty salon suites are available to prelease at Salon and Spa Galleria’s new 9th location.  Continue reading and call us at 972-691-7300 with any questions.

Life reminds us that we are currently are living in an age of continuing growth. We have decided to expand our Tarrant County community by launching a new Salon and Spa Galleria in Lake Worth area.  The build will follow along with the above standard designs that Salon and Spa have set for the business model of salon leasing. The plan provides amenities that will pamper both the beauty industry professional and their clientele.

Hair Salon Suite With Pampering Growth

The important thing for any beauty business owner is the clientele and growth.  The location is nestled right by the Lake Worth High School. Situated just a few miles off the major interstate 820 and just off the corner of two prominent thoroughfare streets, the property offers a high traffic value. Located directly adjacent from the location is a neighborhood of single-family homes.  The city zoning completed the traffic survey revealing that estimated 30,000 vehicles pass by site every day. The area setting will be providing plenty of foot traffic for clientele growth for the hair salon suite entrepreneur.  A lease with us will make you a locally owned and operated neighborhood beauty business.

The Hair Salon Booth Pampered Salon Culture

Hair salon professionals choose Salon and Spa Galleria locations for many reasons: that it allows the direction of creating a one-of-kind beauty salon culture, stay in control to set their schedules, encounter more privacy with clientele and make more profits, how is that for a pampered salon culture?

The Salon Leasing Freedom

The leasing Freedom allows you to escape the beauty shop politics and drama in your own private, comfortable studio.  Salon leasing provides for you to set pricing for your personal services and products.  Succeed with scheduling control of your clients’ needs with 24/7 access. Freedom to enjoy a relaxed setting and your clients get the one-on-one consideration they are worthy of.  Salon suite personalization – your space your way, decorate with your artwork, music, décor, and furniture. Love specific products? You can retail sell them. There is cost management with a variety of features, utilities which are all included with the lease payment.

Salon Suite Lease Means Community

A community with other like-minded entrepreneurs will be found in a salon suite leasing business.  Being in business for yourself is so award-winning, though doesn’t mean that you will have to do it all by yourself.  The community of salon business owners will be available to offer wisdom for the time tested trial and errors of the beauty industry.  Each step of your unique beauty business journey will be award-winning with a salon suite community.

We are proud to offer a preleasing option for our beautifully designed salon suites of the Boat Club Rd location.  Pre-leasing will provide you with the benefits of exploring and planning the perfect salon place for you. The only thing stopping you from the suite life is not picking up the phone to schedule a tour with one of your salon managers. So call 972-691-7300 to schedule that tour.