Hair Salon Chair

By April 24, 2014 Blog

There are many reasons why you could choose us as your next location for business and one of them is because we can help you with your hair stylist business card designs. We are a suite rental salon that has many locations all over the DFW area for you to choose from and we have a hair salon chair just for you and all you have to do is sign one of our booth rental agreements. We offer booth rental Arlington at our salon near the Parks Mall that could be exactly what you need in order to grow your business and make the profit that you are wanting. We have so many great hair color experts that are at our locations now that are doing great and they filled out a booth rental contract with us so that they could get started in their business. We do offer a business builder program that will help you to get your feet off of the ground but you do have to put some work in to it your self. So, for the absolute very best in a booth-rental that you will ever find in the DFW area you should really consider in coming to see us at Salon and Spa Galleria. We are a full service salon that offers services for hair,skin and nails and we are always looking to grow and expand in to new services. If you are looking for a new and exciting location so that you can start your new business then we might be exactly what you are looking for. We have locations all over the north Texas area so that you will have many options and they are in Grapevine,Arlington,Mansfield and in Fort Worth. if you would like to have more info please contact us today.