Salon Booth Rental Contract

By July 2, 2014 Blog

A stylist business is an easy thing to get going but it can be hard to keep it going as there are many hurdles along the way but we are here to help you if you would like. Owning a stylist business is not as hard as you think it might be and here at Salon and Spa Galleria we will gladly help you along the way as long as you lease a suite from one of our locations. If you do decide to lease a suite from us you will be required to sign and fill out a Salon Booth Rental Contract so that you and the salon will be in an agreement as long as you lease from us. Leasing a suite in stead of a salon commission job is so much better because you will make the most of your money and not have to split it with the salon that you are working at. The salon industry is a great one to be in but you do have to work for what you want and if you want to make money then you are going to want to invest in the time that you have with the business. So, if you are interested in salon ownership but do not know what it would take then you really should take some time to come talk to one of our salon leasing managers so that you can get some great info. We have so many great studios that you can look at and they come in many sizes that would work for any one tat is wanting to get out of a commission salon. Well there is not much left to do if you are wanting to get in to small business ownership other than stopping by to speak with us.