Salon Rental

By August 14, 2014Blog

If you are a mobile hair stylist and you are wanting to do something different then maybe a suite rental salon would be a good choice. We have salon rental in just about any city here in the DFW area for you to look at and we would like to show them to you so stop by for a tour. If you are stuck in one of those hair stylist jobs that feels like you are going no where then you really should consider in looking at a suite rental location. When you do decide that you would like to lease a suite from us or any other salon then you would have to fill out all of the booth rental agreements that are set up for you. There are many stylists that think that they would not be able to have their own salon for many reasons like not having all of the tools but we have hair stylist chairs that we rent out to any of our stylist that need them. So, if you need a hair salon chair and you would like to lease your own suite then we have got you covered. We understand that booth-rental is not for every one but we really think that if you are interested that you should at least look in to it. We have a booth rental Arlington and we also have booth rentals in the Fort Worth are for you to come look at. When you are ready to get more info about what we have to offer then you can either stop by the salon that you like or you may also give us a call. Our salon leasing managers will set up a time to talk with you about what we have and then when you do lease you will need to fill out our booth rental contracts.

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