Salons That Are Hiring

By May 30, 2014Blog

Here at Salon and Spa Galleria we feel like we have some of the very best choices in studios to choose from if you are looking to start your own salon so that you can get away from a commission salon. Small business ownership can be scary at first and we will help you as much as possible so that you will be comfortable with your new suite at one of our salons. We have a salon chair rental at all of our salons all over the DFW area that are in some great locations so that you will make more money and build your clientele. You would have to fill out a salon chair rental agreement with one of our salon leasing managers so that you and the salon are on the same page. A salon commission job is good to have when you first get out of school so that you can build your business and there are many salons that are hiring. So, if you are looking for salons hiring in the salon industry for a salon salary job maybe you should think about salon ownership first. We have so many great choices available at our salons so that you could start your business and if you would like to see one of our salon suites then all you have to do is stop by so that you can get a tour. One of our salon leasing managers can show you around so that you will be able to find the perfect suite for all of your needs. We have salons in Grapevine, Arlington and Fort Worth that you can choose from and we are always adding new ones. If you want more info on pricing and availability then you will need to contact one of the leasing managers.

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