Salon Suite Leasing Allows You To Build Equity for the Future

By June 4, 2019 Salon Spa Blog
Salon suite leasing allows you to gain financial independence

Salon suite leasing may not be a solution for world peace, but it could very definitely allow you to build a better future for yourself and your family.  For those in the beauty industry, salon suite leasing is one of the best things you can do to promote your future welfare.  Read on and find out why, and give us a call at (817) 823-7105 with any questions you might have about renting a salon booth rental or salon suite.

Booth rental vs commission

Let’s look at the economics of salon suite leasing in today’s beauty service industry.

If you are a hair stylist, a nail specialist, a massage therapist, or a microblading professional, the established way to begin in those businesses is to work in someone’s beauty shop.  There you gain experience; there you can grow your client list; and there you will work for commission.  There are pros and cons to this approach.  You gain valuable experience but you definitely do not get rich.  You are able to enter the industry with no financial risk, but you definitely do not get rich.  You can make money immediately, without worry of business failure, but you definitely will not get rich.  In the constant debate of booth rental vs commission, working for commission is, without a doubt, the safest choice.

Safe but stagnant is how we look at it!

Booth rental allows you to dream of an attainable future

Instead of working for a commission, booth rental allows you to keep the majority of the enchilada.  Look at the figures:  working in a beauty salon, for commission, means keeping thirty or forty cents on every dollar you earn.  Working in a salon rental means you keep about ninety cents on every dollar you earn.  Which sounds better to you?

A look at booth rental in action

Let’s just take a look at our business model, Salon & Spa Galleria, to see how a booth rental works.  At Salon and Spa Galleria, salon suites can be rented, in select locations, for as low as $50 per week.  That means that after you see your first customer of the day, or the first two customers of the day, all the rest of the money you make that week is profit.  If you are a hard worker, and you see thirty customers in one week, it is not hard to see how you will be building equity for the future very quickly using that business model.  The only other expenses you have are the cost of supplies you might need, and the cost of any products you might sell.  You can literally go into business, for yourself, for around $500.

A recipe for success!

About Salon & Spa Galleria

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