Wellness And Luxury Salon Suites

By May 9, 2019May 15th, 2019Salon Spa Blog

Luxury salon suites can be referred to as the heart of wellness providing the means to building a better you and business.   Leasing luxury salon suites allows you to build a business by customizing your own heart of wellness atmosphere.  In the quest of creating a better you, there must be an understating to wellness.  It’s a term first used by Dr. Halbert Dunn in 1961 when he combined well-being and fitness.  It is more than just a word used as a fad.  It is a lifestyle which involves practices and executions of various actions and thoughts in the way of wellness.  Find yourself a skilled professional, which awaits you at a Salon and Spa Galleria location.


A salon suite gives the atmosphere to allow practitioners and leaders in the industry of health to teach following the way of wellness.  It’s an ever-changing process of a mindful self-direction to succeed at one’s full potential.  It is best described as having several different aims, qualities or aspects outside of the mainstream of scientific medicine.  Well-being is a lifestyle is which involves mental, spiritual and environmental exposure which can be achieved in customized luxury salon suites.  A positive and affirming aspect is also taught in the way of wellness.  As all these aspects can be found thru teaching, the two to focus on are remapping mind thoughts around positive and affirmative.

Well -Being Meccas

As cities start to become unexpected meccas for wellness evidenced in the many choices of luxury spas, a beauty salon, raw food restaurants and cannot forget the athleisure boutiques.  One can find there are attentive trainers for everyone from the professional athlete to soccer moms.  Having workouts ranging from crushing calories cardio to dynamic downward dog yoga pose done at a brewery.   The well-being revolution is not only including fitness workout plans it has starting to include more of the beauty industry stretching from makeup to massages therapy.

A Zen Consciousness

The perfect esthetician can create a Zen consciousness with your inner beauty.  Make your peace with any trouble conditions with skin therapy thru facials, aromatherapy during a massage and/or consultation for weight loss. The balance of health with body and mind nutrition will be found in the words of a nutritionist thru meal plans and psychological remapping.   Just think all the therapist cost will be included with a wellness spa trip.  Also, find your own state of calm in athleisure, yes even a new workout outfit with matching shoes’ doubles as trendy wear for running and doing errands.

Salon and Spa Galleria

If the search for the perfect mix of well-being and reaching your full potential starts by zip lining through the jungle of beauty shops, spas, and fitness centers,  your search can be complete with Salon and Spa Galleria.  We are a galleria of salon suites rented to individual business owners that are skilled and practice in health, beauty and well-being industry.  You will find your next licensed professional amongst our beautiful locations.  A one-stop salon and spa were you can get everything done in the services of eyelashes extensions, facials, hairstyle cuts with color, massage therapy, 3d microblading, nails, and nutrition.  Let Salon and Spa Galleria be your luxury spa location. Contact anyone one of your salon professionals at any one of our 9 sites in the DFW area.