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A Purposeful Spa Rental Space

By February 26, 2021Blog
rent a spa room

The new normal is in spa rental space is the phrase that is on the lips of all owners.

Are you currently looking to get out of a traditional spa salon? The new norm is owning your spa space or maybe a mini spa. Keep reading and let us show you how Salon and Spa Galleria will be able to help or provide access to your new normal.

Salon and Spa Galleria owns and operates 12 different locations throughout the DFW area.  We know that is impressive. We recognize the fact that not only has the beauty industry done a reset, so it has ownership of a salon.  Ask yourself, are you doing what you want right now? And are you in the best possible position?

Suite Offerings

Offering the salon and suites as rentals allow you to start your business. You’re going to be able to do a reset within your own space. All the salon suites are customizable. Your reset can start with defining your brand.  Customizing your salon to reflect your branding is a smart move in a reset. So, feel free to paint and decorate to your heart desires as part of the road map to your success.

You are offering services in the privacy of a spa room rental. The privacy

will be a fabulous option for your clients. Conversations or consultation in the privacy of your suite makes a more significant impact on your retail services. Private suite retailing is the best selling and profit-making feature.  All our suites are designed and completed with amenities that will rival the ones of a traditional individual owned salon. Each suite included full-service cable with an HDTV. Secured keyless entry suite doors, with 24 access to the salon. Making scheduling your clients more convenient; this is a fantastic benefit for you and clients.

Suite Benefits

Salon and Spa Galleria have move-in benefits like specials, free rent, a variety of leases with signing time ranging from long term to lock-in that great low rent. In a short term lease, if you are looking for flexibility to move quickly or if you’re undecided on if the beauty industry is your niche.  The leases are transferable if perhaps you start your lease in a salon booth rental Grapevine, and for some reason, you find yourself having to move to Weatherford or the Benbrook area. Salon and Spa Galleria will allow a transfer of the lease to either of these two locations. Each salon suite lease includes utilities, water, and electricity at no extra cost. All suites equipped with endless instant hot water. We know that it is a suite benefit.

You have the security to know that you are dealing with a locally owned and operated salon suites rental business owner. Salon and Spa Galleria does pay attention to the smallest detail in owning a beauty industry business. We are like you conscious about owning and running their business. Our belief is to operate a successful and purpose-filled business; you have to support the business brand completely.

Make that one phone call that will make that purpose-filled future.

Contact a salon manager at Salon & Spa Galleria, call 817-917-7300